Pictured is Chuck Shikle & Jeremy Monroe vs James Porter & Cheryl Lowe during 2019 foosball tournament action at Madison Station in North Alabama.

~2019 ALABAMA~

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December 6th 2019 $50 Added! Mr. Hot Shot! - FoosFriday ...7pm Goalie Wars w/$50-first place, Open Doubles @8pm ...$10 entry each event /6 Pockets
November 27th 2019 $50 Added! Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)...$10 entry - 7pm/Don't be late! @ 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
November 2nd 2019 $50 Added! Decatur Open BYP ...$10 entry - Saturday 7pm/Don't be late! @ 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
September 16th 2019 $50 Added! Foos-Monday/Open DYP ...$10 entry - 7pm/Don't be late! @ Madison Station Bar & Grill
August 4th 2019 WHO'S BAD??/Open Singles ...Sunday at 3pm-$20 entry fee, and at 4pm Spot'DYP - $10 entry/Don't be late!! @Outbreak Games
July 20th 2019 Decatur $60 Added! Open FoosBlitz ...Saturday at 5pm Open Draw, and at 7pm Open Doubles - $10 entry/Don't be late!! @6 Pockets
March 9th 2019 Decatur Open FoosFight ...Saturday at 5pm Open Draw, and at 7pm Open Doubles - $10 entry fee. 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
February 15-16 2019 $200 Added! North Alabama Open ... Fri. & Saturday at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. [RESULTS]
February 2nd 2019 Decatur Open FoosFight ...Saturday at 5pm Open Singles, and at 7pm Open Doubles - $10 entry fee. 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards


 Shown in Madison,AL. playing a weekly foosball tournament at 12-30-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Cheryl Lowe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jon Martin/ 3- Dale Moore & Garet Peterson
12-27-19 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Stephen Darby/ 4-Brian Burnett & Cheryl Lowe
12-23-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Jon Martin/ 2-Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 3-Chuck Shikle & Mike Lowe
12-20-19 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Joe Marshall & Dave Thomas/ 4-Stephen Darby & Nick Peterson
12-9-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Cheryl Lowe & Nick Peterson/ 2-Chuck Shikle & John Smith/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & James Porter
12-8-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Kevin Skaltsis & Ricky Smith/ 2- Randy Raposo & Mickey Dunn/ 3- Nick Peterson & Al Widok
12-6-19 $50 Added! "Mr. Hot Shot" Foos-Friday/in Decatur
Mr. Hot Shot! Goalie Wars
1st ...Al Widok/ 2-Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Nick Peterson
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Perterson/ 2-Kevin Skaltsis & Randy Raposo/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Dale Moore
11-27-19 $50 Added! Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Al Widok & Dale Moore
 Shown in Madison,AL. playing foosball is Dale Oberhausen, Jon Martin, Dale Moore, and Jerry Stewart November of 2019. 11-25-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 2-James Porter & John Smith/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Jon Martin
11-18-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Chuck Shikle & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-James Porter & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Jon Martin & John Smith
11-4-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jerry Stewart & Dale Moore/ 2-James Porter & Chuck Shikle/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Cheryl Lowe
11-2-19 Decatur $50 Added! Open BYP
Spot DYP
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Jerry Stewart & Mickey Dunn/ 3-Nick Peterson & Cheryl Lowe
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-David Burnett & Mickey Dunn
10-7-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-John Smith & Joe Marshall/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart
10-6-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Jerry Stewart/ 3-Mickey Dunn
10-2-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Joe Marshall/ 2-Jerry Stewart & Jon Martin/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Bill Darby
9-30-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & John Smith/ 2-Nick Peterson & Chuck Shikle/ 3-Dale Oberhausen & Rodney Jenkins
Spot'DYP #2
1st ...Dale Oberhausen & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-John Smith & David Burnett/ 3-Nick Peterson & James Porter
9-23-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & John Smith/ 2-David Burnett & Stephen Darby/ 3-Dale Moore & Dale Oberhausen
9-16-19 Madison Foos-Monday $50 Added!
Open DYP
1st ...Jerry Stewart & Chuck Shikle/ 2-James Porter & Dave Thomas/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Marty Goodman
Pictured is foosball tournament action at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. 8-21-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Incomplete but top 3 teams were: Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ Nick Peterson & Bryan Burnett/ 3- Al Widok & Jon Martin
8-18-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Jerry Stewart/ 2- Ricky Smith/ 3- Mickey Dunn/ 4- Mike Hickey
8-14-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Incomplete but top 3 teams were: Al Widok & Nick Peterson/ Chuck Shikle & James Porter/ 3- Jon Martin & Garet Peterson
8-11-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 2-Stephen Darby & Ricky Smith/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Mickey Dunn
WHO'S BAD? Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Stephen Darby/ 3-Nick Peterson
8-7-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2- Joe Marshall(Iron Man)/ 3- James Porter & John Smith
8-4-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Dale Moore & Stephen Darby/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Mickey Dunn
WHO'S BAD? Open Singles
1st ...Stephen Darby/ 2-Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson
7-20-19 Decatur $60 Added! Open FoosBlitz
Open DYP
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Al Widok & Chuck Shikle
Open Doubles
1st ...Stephen Darby & Al Widok/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 3-Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 4-Nick Peterson & Chuck Shikle
7-17-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Eric Traynor/ 2-Joe Marshall & Jon Martin/ 3-David Burnett & Robert Owen
Pictured is foosball tournament action at Outbreak Games in Hanceville,AL. 7-14-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Dale Moore & Ricky Smith/ 3-Mike Hudson & Bill Darby
7-12-19 Hanceville Foos-Friday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby/ 2-Dale Moore & Ricky Smith/ 3-Jerry Stewart...Iron Man
7-10-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Bill Darby/ 2-James Porter & Al Widok/ 3-Joe Marshall & Eric Traynor
6-23-19 Hanceville FoosinÍ (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore/ 3-David Burnett & Jon Martin
6-19-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...David Burnett & Jon Martin/ 2-Nick Peterson & Thurman/ 3-Robert Owen & Dale Moore
6-12-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jon Martin/ 3-Al Widok & Dale Moore
5-29-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Chuck Shikle/ 2-David Burnett & Dave Thomas/ 3-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore
5-15-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Lee Blanton/ 2-Dale Moore & Robert Owen/ 3-David Burnett & Chuck Shikle
5-1-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Robert Owen/ 2-Chuck Shikle & Brian Burnett/ 3-Stephen Darby & John Smith
4-20-19 Decatur Saturday FoosDYP
Open DYP
1st ...Robert Owen & David Bagwell/ 2-Al Widok & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore
Open DYP#2
1st ...David Burnett & Al Widok/ 2-Dale Moore & Dave Thomas/ 3-David Burnett & Jerry Stewart
A match for 2nd place or better of open doubles competition at the North Alabama Open foosball tournament held at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL., shown are players Todd Brooks & Bruce Stancil vs Mickey Munger & Wayne Patrick. 3-9-19 Decatur Saturday FoosFight!
Open DYP
1st ...Lee Blanton & David Burnett/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jon Martin/ 3-Jerry Stewart & James Porter
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jon Martin/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 3-David Burnett & Lee Blanton
2-27-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Chuck Shikle/ 2-David Burnett & Gary Truxall/ 3-Garet Peterson & Joe Marshall
2-16-19 $200 Added! North Alabama Open/in Decatur
Friday Open DYP(6 teams)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Garet Peterson/ 2-Nick Peterson & James Porter/ 3-David Burnett & Jerry Stewart/
Open Singles(17 teams)
1st ...Randy Raposo/ 2-Wayne Patrick/ 3- Shannon Coley/ 4-Toby Sullivan
Open Doubles(12 teams)
1st ...Shannon Coley & Keith Bates/ 2- Bruce Stancil & Todd Brooks/ 3-Wayne Patrick & Mickey Munger/ 4-Jim Wiggs & James Porter
2-2-19 Decatur Saturday FoosFight! (Spot Advance)
Draw Your Partner
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Brian Burnett
Singles 1st ...Nick Peterson/ 2-Rodney Jenkins/ 3-Jerry Stewart
Pictured is Jerry Stewart & Jeremy Monroe vs Al Widok & Stephen Darby during 2019 foosball tournament action at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. 1-30-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jerry Stewart & John Smith/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & David Burnett/ 3-Stephen Darby & James Porter
1-23-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & David Burnett/ 2-Lee Blanton(IronMan)/ 3-Chuck Shikle & Gary Truxall
1-21-19 Cullman Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Brian Burnett/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Al Widok & David Burnett
1-18-19 Cullman Foos-Friday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeff Deskins/ 2-Al Widok & Gene Leonard/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart
1-15-19 Cullman Foos-Tuesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Al Widok & Chuck Shikle/ 2-Nick Peterson & David Burnett/ 3-Ray Ayers & Rodney Jenkins
DYP #2 (Spot'Advance)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 2-David & Brian Burnett/ 3-Al Widok & Ray Ayers

See additional results at [2018-AL]

Handing out cash money!
Picture was taken at 2019 Tornado World Championships in Lexington,KY.
885......Rodney Jenkins
425......Jerry Stewart
415......Stephen Darby
400......Nick Peterson
385......David Burnett
350......James Porter
315......Al Widok
240......Chuck Shikle
200......Jeremy Monroe
180......Shannon Coley
155......Jon Martin
150......Keith Bates
135......Dale Moore
130......John Smith
130......Randy Raposo
100......Wayne Patrick
90........Robert Owen
90........Lee Blanton
80........Cheryl Lowe
75........Bruce Stancil
75........Todd Brooks
70........David Bagwell
55........Bryan Burnett
50........Joe Marshall
40........Garet Peterson
40........Mickey Munger
40........Jeff Deskins
40........Bill Darby
40........Ricky Smith
40........Eric Traynor
40........Kevin Skaltsis
30........Dale Oberhausen
25........Dave Thomas
10........Mickey Dunn
10........Jim Wiggs
10........Toby Sullivan
10........Marty Goodman

(For the period Beginning in January 2019 through December 2019)


Ala-foos logo

Foosball tables are back at The Station in Madison, Alabama, a spot where the Program has hosted foosball tournament action in the past including the 2007 Alabama State Championships when Daniel Colter & Bruce Stancel defeated Blake Robertson & Shannon Coley for the main event title of the $2500 tournament action. As of now, two very nice Tornado foosball tables are on location where the locals plan to coordinate weekly DYP tournaments on Monday nights at 7pm. Madison Station Bar & Grill is located at 8694 Madison Blvd., please invite all your foos-friends out with you to enjoy the foos-fun planned for this location. Shown still playing foosball at their young ages 60 and 67 are Jerry Stewart of Dora,AL and Mike Dickey of Huntsville,AL..
Playing foosball, it's a young persons game?? Still playing foosball at their young ages 60 and 67 are Jerry Stewart of Dora,AL and Mike Dickey of Huntsville,AL. Both enjoying foosball here in Hanceville,AL. and have plenty to share about foosball back in the day...
Check out the foosball tables in Hanceville, Alabama where has often been a hot spot for foosball in the past. OUTBREAK GAMES is a shop specializing in card and board games and now has two very nice Tornado foosball tables set up and will serve as a location to coordinate foosball tournaments. We've already played a few tournaments at the site and have decided to make it an EVERY WEEK foosball gathering. Make plans to join us on Sunday evenings for "Ala-Amateur only" and "spot-in-advance type" tournaments at 4pm. Anyone can play, hope to see you there. [PHOTO] [2]
The 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards is now set up to become the new host of the Program's "EVERY WEDNESDAY" foosball tournament activity as of February 2019. The EVERY-WEEK tournament effort will remain, at this time, on a notification status--which means a text, or email, message will be sent to those that have requested to be informed when a turnout is expected and/or when someone will be in attendance as coordinator of a potential event. There are two or more Tornado foosball tables on location regularly at this time. Be sure to watch the schedule and announcements for periodical special events. Thanks...Rodney
2-18-2019 Pictured is players competing in the open doubles final of the 2019 North Alabama Open tournament-Shannon Coley & Keith Bates vs Bruce Stancel & Todd Brooks.
Competition of the North Alabama Open was recently presented at the "6 Pockets Bar & Billiards" location in Decatur, Alabama and several teams from surrounding areas turned out for the multiple event foosball tournament. Twenty-two players entered the open singles event where Randy Raposo, traveling from the B'ham area to compete, remained undefeated during the event earning the first place title. A couple of players out of Mississippi captured the open doubles title-Shannon Coley & Keith Bates. The photo shown is of the two teams playing for the championship win of the open doubles event where Shannon & Keith outlasted the come-back efforts of the Chattanooga,TN team, Bruce Stancel & Todd Brooks, in a two-match finale. Eleven teams had entered the open doubles event. Additional results are listed above. [PHOTO] [2]
I often use the back side of scrap paper to print tournament charts used on location for the foos-tournaments these days. I have a large stack of used paper that I take from which includes old foosball tournament flyers and the similar. Sometimes while using these charts what is printed on the other side grabs someone's attention. I thought I would share this one today because it took me back to fun memories of a few years back with the foosball action that we had going on at that time. This page happens to be a page that was included in one of the mail-out newsletters that I use to distribute to players via postal mail that included the tournament schedule, results and so forth--before we used the internet. This was a distribution during the summer of 1998. Notice the locations listed where we played and the tournaments that were scheduled. It turned into a fun "flash-back" as I passed the page around the tournament room. Some remembered the time period and some did not... See [OLD NEWS]. Pictured is an old photo of Bama foosball players: Ernie(Toby)Todd, Leigh O'Quinn, Terry Armstrong, & Big JOHN.
A Blast from the Past! Be sure to check out the Leigh O'Quinn photo collections that I recently added: [LEIGH O'QUINN BLAST FROM THE PAST]. Long time "Alabama Great" foosball player out of Tuscaloosa, Leigh O'Quinn, recently gave me permission to share some of his collection of photos that were taken back in the 1980's. Included are photo's taken during a foosball tournament he and Cindy Head coordinated during the early 1980's at a foosball location in Bessemer, Alabama.
The long-time foosball tournament location for the Alabama Foosball Program in Birmingham, The Break Restaurant & Billiards, sold the property and closed it's location back in November of 2018. I was recently in the Five-Points-South area where it was located and noticed that the building has already been totally demolished and removed making room for a new high-rise building to be built on the property. I mention because, I want to let those interested know that the Break owner mentioned plans to re-open the business in a different location. He also stated that he'd like to include the foosball tables but said that it would be at least a year before the new location will be ready.
As of June 2018, The Cullman Bowling Center is closed for a major remodeling project and the foosball tables have been removed for the process. Management has stated interest is to keep the foosball Program once the remodel project is complete if possible. My fingers are crossed since the property improvements will create a favorable atmosphere for the foosball activities that we've enjoyed at that site for so many years. The business improvement plans include a restaurant/bar creation. Looking forward to potentially continuing the tournament program in Cullman once the Cullman Bowling Center re-opens for business. Thanks for your patience during this period.
The Cullman Bowling Center did re-open for business; unfortunately, no room for foosball at this time.
Also, I recently removed the foosball table that was on location in Montgomery at Ric'n Moes.
See additional news at: [2018-news]

Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email: jenkins@southernfoosball.com.

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