Dale Moore of Morris, and Crystal Walden of Decatur, are pictured while competing durning a weekly DYP in Cullman.

~2006 ALABAMA~


Local Special Events:

2-19-06 Sunday in Cullman - 5pm Ala-Amateur Doubles (bring your partner)
1st place trophies w/$3 entry fee
2-25-06 $100 Added! North Alabama Open in Cullman [RESULTS]
March 17 & 18, $1,400 Dixie "Bad Boy" Open 2006 (in Cullman, Alabama) [RESULTS]
3-31-06 Friday in Cullman - 7pm Ala-Amateur Doubles (bring your partner)
1st place trophies w/$3 entry fee
4-1-06 $100 Added! Porter's Foosbash Billiard Street Cafe in Huntsville
5pm - open DYP, 7pm - open doubles
April 2006 $250 Added! April Fools "Foos-Frenzie" in Cullman
*Every Friday night during the handicap draw for partners tournament at 8pm
$50 cash added along with $20 pot luck drawing.
5-6-06 $100 Added! Open Tournament Cullman Bowling Center
6pm - open singles, 8pm - open doubles ($10 entry fee) [RESULTS]
5-27-06 $100 Added! Huntsville Foosbash Billiard Street Cafe in Huntsville
5pm - open DYP, 7pm - open doubles
6-2-06 Friday in Cullman - 7pm Ala-Amateur Doubles (bring your partner)
1st place trophies w/$3 entry fee
August 25-26th $1,600 Rocket City Foosbash in Huntsville [RESULTS]
12-9-06 $50 Added! Friday DYP @Cullman Bowling Center
8:30pm - Draw Your Partner (no team minimum)(handicap format)($10 entry fee)

December 29-31st $2,000 Alabama State Championships 2006 @Cullman Bowling Center

Events: open doubles & singles, under-pro doubs. & sngls., w/variouis specialty events.
Alabama-Amateur only events/1st place trophies: singles(Fri. 7pm), doubles(Sat. 7pm), DYP(Sun. 7pm).
... [News] & [Results]


1-7-06 Open BYP/ Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett
Amateur Singles/ Stephen Darby
Round Robin/ Nick Peterson
1-14-06 Handicap Draw/ James Chapman & Stephen Darby
Open BYP/ Vernon Pearson & Susan Chapman
1-21-06 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Lenette Wisener
Amateur Singles/ Jeff Robinson
1-28-06 Ala-Amateur Singles/ Stephen Darby
2-3-06 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Vernon Pearson
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
2-10-06 Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
2-19-06 Ala-Amateur Doubles/ Kim Parker & Al Widok
3-3-06 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Rodney Jenkins
3-10-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Allen Widok
3-24-06 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Chris Oakley
3-31-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby
Amateur Doubles/ Stephen Darby & Chuck Shikle
4-7-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore
4-10-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Garet Peterson
4-14-06 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Chris Twilley
4-17-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Josh Parker
4-21-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby
4-24-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Stephen Darby
4-28-06 Handicap Draw/ Mike Camp & Rodney Jenkins
5-5-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Rodney Jenkins
5-6-06 $100 Added Cullman Open Open Doubles
1st/ Rodney Jenkins & Bobby Simmons
2nd/ Randy Parker & Tony Gamso
3rd/ Dale Moore & David Bagwell
4th/ Vernon Pearson & Lee Blanton
Open Singles
1st/ Rodney Jenkins
2nd/ David Bagwell
3rd/ Dale Moore
4th/ Tony Gamso
5-8-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson
5-19-06 Handicap Draw/ Lane Kimbrell & Vernon Pearson
6-2-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Moore & Chris Twilley
6-2-06 Ala-Amateur Doubles/ Stephen Darby & Bill Darby
6-5-06 Handicap Singles/ Stephen Darby
6-9-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Moore & Brian
6-16-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Nick Peterson
6-23-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Vernon Pearson
8-18-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Heath Addison
9-15-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Josh Parker
12-8-06 Handicap DYP/ Dale Oberhausen & Rodney Jenkins
12-15-06 Handicap DYP/ Rodney Jenkins & Jennifer Jenkins
12-22-06 Handicap DYP/ Randy Parker & Susan Chapman
Amateur DYP/ Mike Perry & Susan Champman
12-31-06 Alabama State Championships 2006 ... [more results]
Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Chris Twilley & Derek Pendergrass
2nd/ Jeff Robinson & Stewart Cleveland
3rd/ Susan Chapman & Tracy Chapman
4th/ Mike Perry & Kathy Perry
Ala-Amateur Singles
1st/ Mike Perry
2nd/ Stewart Cleveland
3rd/ Jeff Robinson
4th/ Chris Twilley

3-1-06 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Brad Hudson
3-8-06 Handicap Draw/ Brad Hudson & Chris Oakley

BYP/ Vernon Pearson & Nick Peterson
3-15-06 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Chris Oakley
BYP/ Steve Perry & David Burnett
3-29-06 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Dale Oberhausen
BYP/ Robert Owen & James Porter
4-5-06 Handicap Draw/ Todd Brooks & Phil Cantrell
BYP/James Porter & Nick Peterson
4-12-06 Handicap Draw/ Nick Peterson & John Smith
BYP/James Porter & Tony Gamso
5-3-06 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Phil Cantrell
5-10-06 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Mike Hudson
5-17-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Phil Cantrell
5-24-06 Handicap Draw/ Phil Cantrell & Patrick Billingsley
5-31-06 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & John Smith
6-7-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Chris Oakley
6-14-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Phil Cantrell
6-21-06 Handicap Draw/ Chuck Shikle & Brad Hudson
7-5-06 Handicap Draw/ Robert owen & Nick Peterson
7-12-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Robert Owen
7-26-06 Handicap Draw/ Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby
8-2-06 Handicap Draw/ Nick Peterson & Chuck Shikle
8-9-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Chris Oakley
8-16-06 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Chris Oakley
8-23-06 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Dale Oberhausen
9-20-06 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Robert Owen
9-27-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Chuck Shikle
10-25-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & John Smith
11-8-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & David Burnett
11-15-06 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & John Smith
11-22-06 Handicap Draw/ Bill Hartsell & Chuck Shickle
11-29-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Mike Hudson
12-6-06 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & John Smith
12-13-06 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson
12-20-06 Handicap Draw/ David Hobson & James Porter
12-27-06 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Bill Hartsell

$740........Rodney Jenkins
$275........Vernon Pearson
$264........Randy Parker
$247........Dale Oberhausen
$246........Stephen Darby
$175........Nick Peterson
$170........Dale Moore
$108........Chris Twilley
$93..........Tony Gamso
$90..........Josh Parker
$80..........Susan Chapman
$70..........Mike Camp
$55..........David Bagwell
$50..........Bobby Simmons
$50..........Lenette Wisener
$40..........Garet Peterson
$40..........David Burnett
$40..........Chris Oakley
$40..........Allen Widok
$40..........James Chapman
$40..........Lane Kimbrell
$40..........Heath Addison
$30..........Jennifer Jenkins
$10..........Kim Parker
$10..........Crystal Walden
$10..........Winfred Seay
$490........Robert Owen
$460........James Porter
$340........Dale Oberhausen
$335........Nick Peterson
$250........John Smith
$220........Chris Oakley
$210........Vernon Pearson
$200........Phil Cantrell
$190........Chuck Shikle
$155........David Burnett
$155........Brad Hudson
$120........Mike Hudson
$100........Bill Hartsell
$70..........Stephen Darby
$60..........Steve Perry
$50..........Tony Gamso
$40..........Rodney Jenkins
$40..........Todd Brooks
$40..........David Hobson
$20..........Joey Campbell
$15..........Patrick Billingsley
$10..........Cheryl Post
$10..........Jim Wiggs
$10..........Jeff Robinson
$10..........Joe Marshall

(For the period Beginning in January 2006 through December 2006)


Congratulations to the Alabama State Champions for 2006. It was a smaller than normal Alabama State tournament but was still filled with plenty of top-notch action and competition. Almost 40 players participated in the 19th annual tournament which featured 7 events during this 2006 New Years holiday weekend. Daniel Colter, a 14 year-old member of a group of players traveling here for the tournament from Mississippi, practically stole the show while he and his partner, Mike Flynn, won both the main doubles events, open doubles & under-pro doubles. Daniel also won the under-pro singles event and finished 2nd place in the open singles event. Personally for me, it was very refreshing to see Daniel playing foosball at the proficient level he has attained. My goodness, at his age, you'd expect to see him piled up in the corner somewhere playing the newest GameBoy Advance toy that Santa Claus had left him a week earlier.
On to other news, Atlanta's Mickey Munger was unable to defend his 2005 open doubles state title but was able to earn the 2006 title winning open singles. And finally during the Alabama-Amateur portion of the tournament local player Mike Perry won singles while Chris Twilley won doubles teamed with Derek Pendergrass.
It was a fun tournament and I'd like to thank all that participated. Until next time, I hope all have a great new year, ...Rodney Jenkins. Complete results are listed at: [ALstate-06]
Rodney - We've finally got foosball back in Mobile. We just got started this past Thursday night. If you know any foosers headed this way, please pass the word. Thanks!

The Whiskey, located at 4130-B Government Blvd., Mobile, Alabama. Tournaments on Thursday nights starting at 8pm--please be early. ...Jay
For more information contact: www.MobileFoos.com

The 19th annual Alabama State Championships of foosball is scheduled for the last weekend of this year December 29th - 31st. All are invited to participate in the competition for another chance at a niche in our Alabama foosball history. The titles up for grab this year include: the always competitive open doubles(main event) and open singles, along with the under-pro doubles and singles events. We expect players from many areas of the state, as well as, a few from surrounding states to be in town for these and other specialty events to be featured during the weekend. The tournament value will exceed $2,000 this year and will provide for a weekend of foos-fun for all who participate. Please note: Alabama State participating players will be required to support the tournament by entering the "main event(open doubles)" before becoming eligible for most of the events of the tournament including the special Ala-Amateur events. Ala-foos logo

For those eligible, "Ala-Amateur only!" events will be featured which will award 1st place trophies to winners of a singles, doubles, and a draw-for-partner events. Entry to the Ala-Am. events is $5 each and will be restricted to only those players locally active and who are listed in the Program's class ratings at BEGinner,D-class,C-class,and B-class. A special package deal entry fee will be offered for the Ala-Amateur players-- $45 will cover the required entry to the main event, open doubles, the under-pro doubles, and the three Ala-Amateur events; however, pre-registration is required in order to get this special price. Ala-Amateur events begin at 7pm on the Friday night--don't be late!
Good luck, and I hope to see everyone at Alabama State 2006. Merry Christmas.
Additional tournament information is at: AL.State 06 ...Rodney

Here's some Hotel information for the Cullman area.......
Cullman Days Inn - 1841 4th St. SW, Cullman, Alabama United States 35055 PHONE: 256-739-3800; Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - 2052 Hayes Drive, PHONE: 256-736-1906 OR 1-866-270-5110; Comfort Inn Cullman - 5917 SR 157 N.w., PHONE: 256-734-1240; Sleep Inn , Inn & Suites - 2050 Karen Lane, PHONE: 256-734-6166; Best Western Fairwinds Inn - 1917 Commerce Avenue, PHONE: 256-737-5009; Hampton Inn Cullman - 6100 Highway 157, PHONE: 256-739-4444; Econo Lodge Cullman - 1655 County Road 437, PHONE: 256-734-2691; Super 8 Motel - 6349 Alabama Highway 157, PHONE: 256-734-8854. .....kewlbeans dale
We're Back! The Cullman Bowling Center is now re-open after the fire damage repair project. The foosball tables are now located in the area near the snack bar. The weekly tournaments are on--check the schedule. ...Rodney
Tony GamsoI'm troubled greatly to pass along the following news: A dear person among our foosball family has passed away, Tony Gamso had a massive heart attack and passed away at his home on Thursday November 2nd. Tony's wife apparently came home from work to find him dead. Tony was a great guy and I will miss him tremendously as will all of us within the foosball community of which he was a major part.

My deepest condolences are extended to his family and friends,
Rodney Jenkins

Since distributing this news, I've had many-many responding emails and phone calls from people within the foosball community offering their condolences as well.

On Wed. Oct. 25th, FREE PIZZA during tournament time at "Billiards Street Cafe" in Huntsville.
... James Porter
FOOS-NEWS! ...The owner of the Sportworld Skate Center in Cullman Co. has agreed to let us use the facility for our weekly foosball tournaments while the Bowling Center gets it's repair. Beginning Friday August 11th, the usual weekly tournament format will be coordinated for those interested participating. The tournament time is 8pm while the business opens at 7pm. There are three foosball tables on location. This could be great exposure for foosball in Cullman, this is the same location where so many star foosers got their start playing foosball in this area once upon a time. See you on Fridays. The business is at the traffic light at Vinemont which is located just north of Cullman via Hwy. 31.
BAD NEWS! The weekly foosball tournament at the Cullman Bowling Center has been cancelled due to the facility suffering extensive fire damage this morning. I will let you know if we set up the Cullman foosball tournament in another location. ...Rodney
$250 Added! April Fools "Foos-Frenzie" Every Friday night during April, $50 will be added to the normal payout of the Handicap Draw tournament in Cullman. Also, $20 to the winner of a pot luck drawing among the participants of each tournament. Come get-che-some!
... kewlbeans dale

Beginning in April, the weekly tournament action in Cullman is being expanded. In addition to the normal Friday night tournament, the Handicap Draw format is planned for Monday evenings as well (7:00pm) for all those interested in a double dose of medicine for their foos-addiction.
Everyone shall beware, foosball fever is over there.
Come one, come all, if you dare, it's only the foos-bug in the air.
Bring your friends, bring your fun, but don't be surprised when your done, you've failed again to defeat the mighty-one.
Hide your fear when you are near, it's only foosball time of year.

Beginning in February, the weekly tournament in Cullman will be changed to Friday nights with a new coordinator eventually to be installed. Every Friday night at 8pm, the draw-your-partner tournament will still feature the handicap format. Check the Special Tournaments area of this page for occasional tournaments scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays as well. On occasion when necessary, the "floating coordinator" concept may be applicable. All persons interested in participating with a sportsmanlike attitude are welcome and invited. Please pass the word on to your foos-buddies. ...Rodney
About the personality conflicts going on lately within the foos-community, please live, and let live!
I'm sorry, but that's probably the best I have to offer about this situation.

Now, let's play some foosball! All those interested, please report accordingly to the next scheduled foos-event. However, I will ask one thing of each, please leave all remnants of this conflict and adjoining conflicts on the outside of the foosball perimeter.
...Sincerely, Rodney Jenkins

Due to priority family reasons, I will be taking a "time-out" with respect to my foosball promotional efforts and my competition involvement for a undetermined period of time. My best wishes to everyone while I'm away and hopefully I'll return one day to continue promoting and playing foosball again. Meanwhile, certain information usually highlighted at this Southern Foosball Program site might become somewhat unattended. I'll try and leave the site up for as long as I can afford it for those interested in visiting for it's history content.
Sorry, ...Rodney Jenkins

Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email: jenkins@hiwaay.net.

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