Nationals Warmup competitors
Nationals Warmup competitors, pictured from left: Ken Williams, Mike Camp, Jim Wiggs, and Steve Dodgen.


The skill level of playing foosball varies greatly, and it is for that reason, a player rating system is helpful. Players who have competed in national competition, will be rated by the United States Table Soccer Association. The USTSA rates players as Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro, or Master, according to status achieved through competition. It takes quite a bit of skill and tour experience for a player to become rated semi-pro or pro at the national level.

Any new or not-rated players will be allowed to compete as rookie at national and regional events. This includes players competing at a tour event for the first time, and in many cases, it includes players that have been competing for years. The majority of foosball competitors are at this very broad "rookie level". The advantage to being rated "rookie", is cheaper entry fees and eligibility to compete in more events.

The Class-Point Rating System was created to classify, more accurately, the players for local events where the skill level varies greatly among the participants. It is designed to classify players according to their performance, experience, and skill level of playing foosball. The Program uses the rating system to determine each players eligibility to compete in the various events promoted by the Alabama, Dixie, & Southern Foosball Programs. The Rating System's primary purpose is for the spot-advance procedures that the Program employs during certain events. The system also provides a tool used to distinguish among the top performing participants of the Program's events allowing lower skilled players the opportunity to sometimes pay cheaper entry fees. The players with the best chances of winning are required to pay a higher entry fee during certain events. When some players are required to pay higher entry fees than other players the tournament charts will usually be seeded.

Only those players that regularly compete in the Programs local events will be listed with a class-point rating. The system uses the A Class, AA Class, AAA Class, and MAS(master) to classify its' tournament competitors skill, or performance level. Players will be considered mid-level A class unless they are otherwise listed in the most current Class-Point Ratings, or if they are rated semi pro or higher in Tour rankings. Within each classification, players are rated from 0 to 9, according to their performance against other players in that same classification.

The system uses B Class, C Class, D Class, and BEG-inner to classify its' amateur level-- players of the least experience and skill. Amateur includes a wide range of skill-leveled players, usually consisting of the casual players and those who, are learning the sport and have not yet developed the skills of consistency that's needed to be considered proficient. Players that compete regularly will almost certainly gain the experience that puts them in the Programs' A class categories.

BEG rating
Beginner players recently exposed to foosball for the first time. Note: The rating will quickly move to the D class with continued playing or tournament exposure. The BEG rated player should be struggling with basic ball maneuvering ability otherwise they should be D class.
D class
Players in the process of learning ball control and basic shooting abilities.
C class
Casual players of limited skills shooting, passing, or blocking.
B class
More active players that are considered expert. These are players that are trying to learn and perfect new skills. They have the ability to execute with a basic level of consistency especially against lower rated players and players of the same level. The B class experts are still allowed to compete in the Program's "amateur" events.
A class
Expert players that have developed very effective skills of at least one and maybe two techniques of shooting, passing, or defense. A class players are eligible to compete as "rookie" in the Programs' events. Players will be considered mid-level A class unless they are otherwise listed in the most current Class-Point Ratings, or if they are rated semi pro or higher in Tour rankings.
AA class
Players of the semi-pro and profesional level of competing. For the most part, AA class players will not be allowed to compete in the Programs' rookie events.
AAA class
Players of the professional and pro-master level of competing. AAA class players will not be allowed to compete in the Programs' semi-pro events.
MAS rating
Players of the pro-master level of competing.

Players entering the Programs events are eligible to enter as rookie unless otherwise listed in the USTSA ratings. Sometimes rookie players that have acheived the Program's AA class status will not be eligible to compete in the Programs Rookie events. When this stipulation is enforced it will be noted on the tournament flyer.

During the Programs events, when chart seeding and spot-advance procedures are applicable, the class-point rating system will be used, and if a player is not listed in the class-point rating system, standard placement procedures will follow these guidelines. USTSA rated rookie - A/5; semi-pro - AA/5; pro - AAA/0; master - MAS. USTSA not-rated players will be placed at A/0. Players are eligible to compete at the Program's amateur level only when listed in the system as B class, C class, D class, BEGinner, or after being observed competing and declared eligible by an officially appointed tournament director. The BEG placement is for players exposed to foosball for the first time. A casual player of moderate skills may be placed at C/2 and then moved up or down depending on performance and at the directors' discretion. Individual players class-point rating is subject to adjustment at any time during competition, but only by an officially appointed event director.


(Updated for February 2018)
Ayers, Ray AA/3
Allen, Kevin D/4
Allen, Rob B/5
Bagwell, Chase A/8
Bagwell, Danny AA/2
Bagwell, David AAA/8
Belcher, Charlie AA/8
Blanton, Lee AA/5
Boyd, Lucas A/7
Brooks, Todd AAA/2
Brown, Jon C/5
Buckley, Chad AA/5
Burnett, David AA/3
Campbell, Joe C/8
Camp, Mike AA/0
Cantrell, Phillip AA/5
Chapman, James A/5
Chapman, Susan B/2
Chapman, Tracy B/5
Coggins, Chris C/9
Coggins, Kenneth C/7
Dansby, Susan C/0
Darby, Bill C/8
Darby, John C/0
Darby, Stephen AAA/6
Deese, Len A/5
Deskins, Jeff AA/4
Dodgen, Steve MAS
Eubank, Jim AA/0
Felkins, John C/5
Fondren, Mike A/8
Glidewell, Steven AA/5
Goodman, Marty C/0
Guffey, Mike AA/6
Hamlin, Audrey A/8
Hartsell, Bill A/7
Head, Cindy MAS
Henry, Garet D/2
Hestla, Mike AA/2
Hestla, Nathan C/7
Hobson, David AAA/0
Hudson, Mike A/7
Hudson, Brad A/9
Jenkins, Greg D/5
Jenkins, Martha C/5
Jenkins, Rodney MAS
Johnson, Zach C/4
Key, Skyler B/7
Kimbrell, Lane AAA/0
Kretzschmar, Frank AA/5
Kuemmel, Matt AA/0
Le, Liem MAS
Leonard, Gene A/9
Long, Makaylia C/8
Lynn, David A/2
Manning, Dwan B/5
Marshall, Dustin A/8
Marshall, Joe AA/0
Marshall, Kim A/2
Martin, Jon B/8
McCann, Greg AAA/4
McGowan, Ryan A/9
McSwain, Keith C/2
Middleton, Chase B/0
Milam, Jamie AA/5
Miller, Billy A/9
Miller, Melody C/5
Monroe, Jeremy AAA/5
Oberhausen, Dale AAA/5
O'Quinn, Leigh AAA/0
Orr, Tony AA/2
Owen, Robert AA/2
Parades, Anthony A/8
Parker, Josh AAA/0
Parker, Kim B/8
Parker, Randy AAA/0
Parrett, Wesley A/0
Perry, Kathy D/9
Perry, Mike A/6
Perry, Steve AAA/3
Peterson, Garet AA/0
Peterson, Nick MAS
Porter, James AAA/5
Raposo, Randy MAS
Ray, Lamar A/4
Reeves, Kenny AA/0
Roberts, Steve AAA/0
Seay, Winfred C/9
Shikle, Chuck AA/5
Smith, John AA/0
Smith, Ricky A/4
Stancel, Bruce AAA/8
Stephens, Jerry B/5
Sterrett, Jimmie AA/2
Stewart, Jerry AA/3
Strickland, Randy B/5
Sullins, Kyle C/0
Swann, Doug B/0
Thomas, Dave A/7
Torlina, Phil A/0
Tripp, William C/8
Twilley, Chris A/5
Widok, Al AA/8
Wiggs, Jim MAS
Williams, Ken AAA/5
Williams, Lee AAA/0
Woods, Billy C/9

Each players current class-point rating combined with base-points as listed below will be used to calculate and determine spot-advance requirements during competition of spot-advantage events. Base points added to points, if any, listed with the players class rating creates individual team points. Individual team points are combined with that of a partner to create team points during doubles competition. The difference in two teams team points will determine the spot-advance requirement according to the spot-advance scale.
The base-points for each class rating is as follows:

BEGinner = 0
D class = 0+
C class = 10+
B class = 20+
A class = 30+
AA class = 40+
AAA class = 50+
MASter = 60

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