Pictured is the Ala-Amateur State Champion team of 2005, Nick Peterson & Susan Chapman.

~2005 ALABAMA~


Local Special Events:

1-22-05 $200 Added! North Alabama Open in Cullman
1-30-05 Sunday in Cullman - Ala-Amateur Singles (+handicap format)
1st place trophy w/$3 entry fee
2-9-05 Huntsville Wednesday "Bring Your Partner" (w/Iron Man applicable!)
$10 entry fee - 100% payback! ... 8:00pm -Anyone can play, but don't be late!
2/19/05 Dixie "Bad Boy" Open 2005 (in Scottsboro, Alabama)
2-27-05 $100 Added! Super "Trooper" Invite #1 in Cullman (on Sunday evening @ 3pm)
4-3-05 $100 Added! Super "Trooper" Invite #2 in Cullman (on Sunday evening @ 3pm)
4-8-05 Friday @ 6:30pm in Cullman - Ala-Amateur Singles (+handicap format)
1st place trophy w/$3 entry fee
5-4-05 $100 Added! Super "Trooper" Invite #3 in Huntsville (on Wednesday evening @ 6pm)
May 13-15th 2005 ..... $1,000 Rookie/Semi-pro Regional Championships in Cullman @Bowling Center
5-21-05 Saturday @6pm-DYP, @8pm-BYP, ... Porter's Friends Foosin'
7-1-05 Friday @ 7:00pm in Cullman - Ala-Amateur Doubles-BYP (+handicap format)
1st place trophy w/$3 entry fee
8/13/05 $1,500 Alabama Open/Worlds Warmup 2005 (in Birmingham, Alabama)
8-26-05 Friday @ 7:00pm in Cullman - Ala-Amateur Doubles-BYP (+handicap format)
1st place trophy w/$3 entry fee
9-24-05 $200 Added! Bama Foos-Bash! in Cullman
10-22-05 State Warmup! @6pm>Ala-AmDYP, @7pm>OpenBYP, ... Cullman Bowling Center
*Ala-Am DYP: $3 entry > trophies .../... Open BYP: $10 entry > 100% payback w/$50 added!
Nov. 4-6, $4,000 2005 Alabama State Championships! (in Huntsville @BILLIARDS STREET CAFE)
12-3-05 Alabama Invitational State Championships ... Saturday 12noon @ Cullman Bowling Center
Events include: Ala-Amateur singles, doubles, Trooper doubles, handicap singles & DYP.
* Trophies and $$700 cash$$ added! ...[RESULTS], [NEWS].
12-16-05 Friday Open DYP @ 8:00pm in Huntsville - Porter's year end Foos-Party
$10 entry w/100% payback - (Billiard Street Cafe is providing speacial treats for the players!)
12-31-05 New Years Eve Mini-Bash! Ala-Am singles & DYP @6pm. 8pm-Open BYP w/$50 added!


1-7-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Dustin Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
1-9-05 Open Handicapper/ Rodney Jenkins
1-14-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Lee Blanton
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
1-16-05 Open Handicapper/ Jim Wiggs
1-21-05 Handicap Draw/ Jim Wiggs & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Jim Wiggs
1-28-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
1-30-05 Amateur Singles/
1st- James Chapman,2nd- Stewart Cleveland,3rd- Jeff Robinson
2-4-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Josh Parker
Handicap Singles/ Tony Gamso
2-11-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Lenette Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Jim Wiggs
2-13-05 Handicap Draw/ James Chapman & David Burnett
2-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Dustin Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
2-24-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Keith McSwain
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
2-27-05 Cullman Trooper Invitational (Doubles & Singles)
1st/ Dustin Aker & Steve Perry
2nd/ Dustin & Lenette Wisener
3rd/ Tony Gamso & Mike Camp
Singles/ Randy Parker, 2nd/ Steve Perry, 3rd/ Lee Blanton
3-4-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Tony Gamso
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
3-11-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Winfred Seay
Handicap Singles/ James Chapman
3-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
3-25-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Allen Widok
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
4-1-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Lee Blanton
4-3-05 Cullman Trooper Invitational (Doubles & Singles)
1st/ Dustin Wisener & Lee Blanton
2nd/ James Porter & John Smith
3rd/ Vernon Pearson & Lenette Wisener
Singles/ Steve Perry, 2nd/ Lee Blanton, 3rd/ James Porter
4-8-05 Cullman Ala-Amateur Singles
1st/ James Chapman
2nd/ Billy Woods
3rd/ Josh Parker
Handicap Draw/ Lee Blanton & Susan Chapman
4-23-05 Handicap Draw/ Lee Blanton & James Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Lee Blanton
4-30-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Lenette Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
5-7-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Billy Woods
Handicap Singles/ James Chapman
5-21-05 Handicap Draw/ Lee Blanton & Susan Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Lee Blanton
5-28-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & AL Widok
Handicap Singles/ David Burnett
6-4-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Lenette Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Mike Hudson
6-11-05 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Josh Parker
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
6-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Susan Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
6-25-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Tina Snell
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
7-1-05 Cullman Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Susan Chapman & David Marler
2nd/ Billy Woods & Nick Peterson
3rd/ Jeff Robinson & Stewart Cleveland
Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & David Burnett
7-2-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & Kathy Perry
Handicap Singles/ Steve Perry
7-9-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Susan Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
7-16-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Dodgen & Mike Perry
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
7-23-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & James Chapman
Handicap Singles/ James Porter
7-29-05 Handicap Draw/ James Chapman & Al Widok
Handicap Singles/ James Porter
8-6-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Dustin Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
8-26-05 Cullman Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Susan Chapman & Garet Peterson
2nd/ Mike & Kathy Perry
3rd/ Lenette Wisener & Nick Peterson
D.Y.P./ Dustin Wisener & Winfred Seay
8-27-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Mike Perry
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
9-3-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamson & Nick Peterson
Handicap Singles/ Rodney Jenkins
9-10-05 Handicap Draw/ Dale Moore & Kim Parker
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
9-17-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Mike Perry
Handicap Singles/ Steve Dodgen
10-1-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin & Lenette Wisener
Handicap BYP/ Dustin & Lenette Wisener
10-8-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Chuck Shikle
10-15-05 Handicap Draw/ Kim Parker & Dale Moore
Handicap BYP/ Dale Moore(Iron Man)
10-22-05 AL. State Warm-up (Open Doubles)
1st/ Rodney Jenkins & Lenette Wisener
2nd/ Mickey Munger & Grainger Beam
3rd/ Dustin Wisener & James Chapman
Ala-Amateur Draw
1st/ Jeff Robinson & Stephen Darby
2nd/ Nick Peterson & Bobby Simmons
3rd/ Josh Parker & Kathy Perry
11-19-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Kathy Perry
Handicap BYP/ Tony Gamso & Nick Peterson
11-26-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Bobby Simmons
Handicap Singles/ Al Widok
12-3-05 Alabama Invitational State Champs
Ala-Amateur Singles
1st/ Josh Parker
2nd/ Susan Chapman
3rd/ Al Widok
Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Susan Chapman & Nick Peterson
2nd/ Josh Parker & Al Widok
3rd/ Kim Parker & Stephen Darby
Trooper Doubles
1st/ James Porter & Ken Williams
2nd/ Randy Parker & Tony Gamso
3rd/ Dale Moore & David Bagwell
Handicap Singles
1st/ Randy Parker
2nd/ Vernon Pearson
3rd/ Rodney Jenkins
Handicap Doubles
1st/ James Porter & Randy Parker
2nd/ Josh Parker & Nathan Hestla
3rd/ Steve Dodgen & Stewart Cleveland
12-10-05 Handicap Singles/ Allen Widok
12-17-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Nick Peterson
Handicap Singles/ Dale Moore
12-31-05 Open Doubles/ Rodney Jenkins & Vernon Pearson
Amateur Singles/ Susan Chapman
1-5-05 Bring Your Partner/ James Porter & Tony Gamso
1-12-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Mike Hudson
1-19-05 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & John Smith
1-26-05 Handicap Draw/ Frank Kretzschmar & Dustin Aker
2-2-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Dustin Aker
2-9-05 Bring Your Partner/ James Porter & Robert Owen
2-16-05 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Steve Perry
2-23-05 Bring Your Partner/ Robert Owen & Steve Perry
3-3-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & James Porter
3-9-05 Bring Your Partner/ Steve Perry & David Burnett
3-16-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Garet Peterson
3-23-05 Bring Your Partner/ Steve Perry & Robert Owen
3-30-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Billy Woods
4-6-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & Robert Owen
4-13-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Billy Woods
4-20-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & John Smith
4-27-05 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & David Burnett
5-4-05 Huntsville "Super Trooper" Invitational (Doubles & Singles)
1st/ Steve Perry & Robert Owen
2nd/ James Porter & Dustin Aker
3rd/ Bruce Stancel & Cliff Williams
Singles/ Steve Perry, 2nd/ Tony Orr, 3rd/ James Porter
5-11-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Billy Woods
5-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Phil Cantrell & Billy Woods
5-25-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & David Burnett
6-1-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Mike Hudson
6-8-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & David Burnett
6-15-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Mike Hudson
6-22-05 Handicap Draw/ Nick Peterson & Billy Woods
6-29-05 Bring Your Partner/ Robert Owen & Bill Hartsell
7-6-05 Handicap Draw/ Garet Peterson & Ryan McGowan
7-13-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Mike Hudson
7-20-05 Bring Your Partner/ Phil Cantrell & Nick Peterson
7-27-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Phil Cantrell
8-3-05 Bring Your Partner/ James Porter & John Smith
8-10-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Nick Peterson
8-17-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & John Smith
8-24-05 Bring Your Partner/ Phil Cantrell & Robert Owen
9-21-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Phil Cantrell
9-28-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Chuck Shikle
10-5-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson

$1,282....Randy Parker
$993........Dustin Wisener
$431........Tony Gamso
$365........Lenette Wisener
$350........Lee Blanton
$340........Rodney Jenkins
$325........James Chapman
$316........Dale Moore
$289........Allen Widok
$282........David Burnett
$260........Susan Chapman
$255........James Porter
$240........Jeff Robinson
$232........Steve Perry
$227........Josh Parker
$224........Nick Peterson
$222........Vernon Pearson
$160........Mike Perry
$159........Jim Wiggs
$150........Kathy Perry
$118........Billy Woods
$110........Kim Parker
$102........Steve Dodgen
$85..........Mike Hudson
$70..........Ken Williams
$60..........Dustin Aker
$60..........Chuck Shikle
$55..........Bobby Simmons
$50..........Mickey Munger
$50..........Grainger Beam
$50..........Mike Camp
$40..........Keith McSwain
$40..........Nathan Hestla
$40..........Winfred Seay
$40..........Tina Snell
$40..........Garet Peterson
$30..........Stewart Cleveland
$30..........Phil Cantrell
$25..........Brad Hudson
$25..........John Smith
$25..........Robert Owen
$20..........Mike Camp
$20..........Jason Hogeland
$15..........Jim Eubank
$15..........Winfred Seay
$13..........Ray Ayers
$10..........Tracy Henry
$10..........Tim Wisener
$10..........David Bagwell
$6............Jeremy Monroe
$525........Robert Owen
$450........James Porter
$450........Steve Perry
$320........David Burnett
$235........Mike Hudson
$210........Phil Cantrell
$190........Billy Woods
$175........John Smith
$120........Garet Peterson
$120........Tony Gamso
$120........Dale Oberhausen
$110........Rodney Jenkins
$110........Dustin Aker
$90..........Nick Peterson
$70..........Chuck Shikle
$45..........Clint Way
$40..........Tony Orr
$40..........Vernon Pearson
$40..........Ryan McGowan
$40..........Bill Hartsell
$30..........Frank Kretzschmar
$20..........Bruce Stancel
$20..........Cliff Williams
$10..........Buddy Mauhan
$10..........Stewart Cleveland
$10..........Nathan Hestla

(For the period Beginning in January 2005 through December 2005)


During the special Invitational State tournament this past weekend players competed once again for bragging rights, trophies, and/or a portion of $700 added cash where several local players revealed there true foos-skill. Most notibly was Susan Chapman, who WOWED everyone with her outstanding performances during the Ala-Amateur events. Susan won the Am'doubles event teamed with Nick Peterson, while also finishing 2nd in the Am'singles event where she forced a tough second-set final with Josh Parker, who put together outstanding performances during the Saturday of competition as well. Josh Parker, as said, won Am'singles, then placed 2nd in Am'doubles teamed with Al Widok, and then won the winners bracket of the Handicap Doubles event, but was eventually abused by none other than his father to finish the event 2nd place. Several amateurs are graduating from the Ala'Am rank for yr-2006, you probably know who.
James Porter had a couple outstanding performances for the tournament, he and Ken Williams captured the "Trooper Doubles" win, double-defeating Randy Parker and Tony Gamso in the final. James also won the Handicap Doubles and placed 4th in Handicap Singles. Randy Parker got hot in the later part of the tournament and won both the Handicap events coming back to the final from the losers side of the chart. For 2006 also, several players are graduating from the Trooper ranks, you probably know who also.
Congrats to all who've captured titles during this event and especially to all who've improved their foos-skills during 2005. As a result of competing in this tournament and the "every week" tournaments presented during the year, several have improved their level of play by leaps. Hope to see you all continue this trend! If I can help, don't hesitate to ask.
...Sincerely, Rodney
A special Alabama Invitational State Championship tournament is planned for Saturday December 3rd. Ala-foos logo Now that the "annual open state tournament" is behind us, I wanted to cap it off with a few events similar to what we've had going on locally here in Alabama throughout the year and for those who've been a part of it. This tournament will feature Ala-Amateur Events (singles, doubles, & womens doubles), Trooper Doubles, and finally Handicap Events (doubles & singles).
Those folks listed in the Program's most current player ratings who've participated in any of these events sometime during this year(2005) are invited to participate in this special championship tournament finale. As usual those interested will be eligible as dictated according to their class point rating within this Program.
Players rated BEGinnger, D class, C class, & B class will be eligible to compete as "Ala-Amateur", while those rated AA/5 and below will be eligible to compete in the "Trooper Doubles" playoff. Of course, everyone's familiar with how the handicap events play out. First place trophies will be distributed for the Ala-Amateur events while the entry fee is $5 per player. All others events will require a $10 entry per player and will feature the 100% payback procedures with possibly considerable cash added.
Events are tentively scheduled as follows:
...12noon = Ala-Am Singles, ...1pm = Ala-Am Doubles, ...2pm = Ala-Am Womens', ...3pm = Trooper Doubles,
...5pm = Handicap Singles, ...8pm = Handicap Doubles.

Efforts will strive to near complete each event prior to the next starting. If needed, the tournament will continue at noon on Sunday. Flyers will be eventually be posted at the Program's local tournament sites.
During the State tournament this past weekend, Lenette Wisener announced that she would be stepping down as the tournament director for the weekly events at the bowling center in Cullman. I'd like to thank Lenette & Dustin for all their efforts during this past year which has been instrumental in the, long overdue, re-ignitment of the local foosball scene here in Cullman. For all those who've come to enjoy this every-week foos-gathering, I'll do my best to keep it going for you, until a new coordinator is named we'll have to get by with the "floating tournament director" procedures as described on the "Standard Procedures" page of this site and Program---at least when I cannot be present myself which I plan on being there to handle the duties as much as possible. Thank you for your help and continued support, the bowling center has rearranged the gameroom somewhat to allow the foosball tables to be setup in a more user-friendly arrangement. See information about the floating tournament director procedure.
Keep on foosin'! ... Rodney
Personalities exploded in Huntsville, Alabama during the Southern Foosball Program’s Eighteenth Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball. Steve, Steve, Steve comes to the top of this report, as Alabama’s own, ~MR. DODGEN~ to us, captured his very first-ever triple win. The event was held during the weekend of November 4th through 6th with a total of sixty-six players participating and more than $4,000 worth of cash and prizes distributed, of which, Steve Dodgen earned the largest portion by winning three open event titles—open doubles with Mickey Munger, open mixed with Kim Parker, and open singles all by his lonesome.
Congratulations to Steve along with others who were able to play their way into Alabama foos-history for this year 2005. Others winners including Jim Wiggs, of Springville, and James Porter, of Huntsville, who teamed together to claim a large portion of the prize package with a win of the no-pro doubles event. Players traveling from the Memphis area captured both remaining singles titles, Chris Whittaker won a very tight contest during the finals of the no-pro singles over Florida’s Dan Williams and Chris Odle came from the losers side of the rookie singles chart to defeat Alabamian Jamie Milam. Jackson, Mississippi’s Shannon Coley & Dewey Culpepper claimed victory of rookie doubles.
The host facility, “Billiard Street Café”, helped us greatly providing an outstanding background for the championship tournament where most seemed to have an outstanding time during the weekend of events. I’d like to thank all that participated and helped create another great weekend of foosball competition here in Southern USA. Additional results are posted at [RESULTS] and pictures at [PICTURES].
Seeya next time, ...Rodney Jenkins
Local foosball player James Porter has several foos-friends traveling to visit him in Huntsville during the weekend of May 21st; he plans to coordinate a DYP & BYP foosball tournament at "Billiard Street Cafe" on that Saturday beginning at 6pm. James and his friends have extended an invitation to anyone else interested in participating in the Porter's Friends Foosin' get-together. The entry for each event is $10 w/100% payback intended to the top finishers.
The weekly tournament in Cullman has been changed to Saturday evenings for convenience of those participating during the summer months. Great turn-outs for these tournaments and lots of fun! I will be adding a 3rd foosball table in the next week or so.
AlaFooPro presents the cash-added Super "Trooper" Invite which is a special tournament for players who have participated in at least one of the Southern Foosball Program's open doubles events during 2005. The Sunday evening event will include singles @3pm & doubles @5pm with $10 entry fee required and cash added to the entry-fee-payback procedure for both tournaments. Players rated AA/5 and under are eligible and those who fit the described qualifications are invited to bring a partner and participate at the Cullman Bowling Center on Sunday February 27th 2005.
Dustin and Lenette Wisener are presently coordinating a successful group of weekly foosball tournaments in Cullman at the local bowling center. They/I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in participating; however, there are a few conditions we'd like all to understand and consider if/when...
Most of the tournaments feature the handicap format, which sometimes dictates additional requirements for the more experienced players in order to win games/matches when involving less experienced players. Also, there are quite a few entry-level players participating in these events, we want to maintain an encouraging atmosphere and attitude for these participants. Cullman is a dry county, no alcoholic beverages are sold anywhere near--you will not be allowed to bring outside drinks or food into the building. The business is family oriented and it wants to maintain a respectable image, participants of the foosball action are asked to please dress appropriately and please do not use foul language and/or behavior unsuitable for children. At some times you'll need to watch out for small children wondering about and sometimes they are curious to watch, please do not be rude to them. Please consider these conditions thourougly prior to coming to tournaments presented at the Cullman Bowling Center in Cullman, Alabama.
Thank you... Rodney Jenkins
During the recent Trooper "Bad Boy" of Huntsville, ten players entered the "DYP" portion of the event which eventually pitted Robert Owen & James Porter against Dustin Aker & John Smith for the finals. Dustin & John came from the losers side of the chart and immediately claimed a win of the 1st match of the final in dominant fashion. But eventually, James & Robert prevailed in a close contest of the deciding match to earn the "DYP" win.
During the "BYP" portion of the tournament, four teams battled it out including Randy Parker & Dustin Wisener defeating James Porter & Robert Owen for the eventual win.
Finally, during the eight player "singles" portion of the tournament, Randy Parker would claim 1st place after defeating Dustin Aker in the final. James Porter finished 3rd place.

A points race was calculated during the three events in order to determine who was most deserving to be named "the most outstanding player", or Trooper "Bad Boy". Since Randy Parker won two events and while James Porter, Robert Owen, and Dustin Wisener, all only having earned one event wins, you'd think that Randy would win the "Bad Boy" title hands down. However, since Randy had went out in two games straight during the "DYP" it left the door open. When all race-points were eventually calculated, it turned out that Randy Parker and James Porter were tied. The two then played a "best of 3 game" match of singles play as tie-break. During the match, it appeared that Randy would eventually win the playoff due to his continued solid performance, especially shooting percentage. He won the 1st game easily, and seemed to have the momentum in his advantage for the second game as well, at least until James Porter was able to muster a gutty performance of his own. James was able to eventually turn things around after he fought back to game-ball of the 2nd game. During a time-out called by Randy with the ball on his 3-bar for a match point attempt, James desparately exclaimed, "I need to block a shot!". The spectators agreed, and with that said and possibly a slight adjustment in the defensive technique, James got that needed block and then went on to immediately score the game-ball point from his goalie position to force a 3rd game contest. James suddenly had the momentum in his favor and went on to win the deciding game and the title: Trooper "Bad Boy" for Huntville.
Congratulations! ...Rodney

A unique photo was captured on this day during tournament action in Huntsville (probably included atop this page). During a draw-your-partner tournament match, four veteran foosball players of the Huntsville area are pictured involved in a very intense match of possible rivalry proportion where the winners have the chance to earn $140 cash. Pictured is Robert Owen & Dale Oberhausen squared-off against Steve Roberts & Phillip Cantrell--Robert & Dale squeek out the victory. Steve Roberts, known in the day as "Goldie" and once considered probably the top player of the Huntsville area, now resides in Florida and is only visiting family and friends in Huntsville for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Steve still plays foosball and has lived in Florida for the past nine years.
See the photo here: click
The Alabama State Championships of foosball was a blast! The host, Holiday Inn Express of Cullman, turned out to be an awesome place for the championship tournament where 55 players battled it out for the $7,000 worth of cash and prizes and, most importantly, the 2004 state titles.
To my surprise, several locals who I haven't seen in many years turned out to check out the action while some even participated. It was great to see some old and new faces around the foosball tables. It seems many have found the urge to play foosball again and I have now sent this notice to many in the Cullman area---they are ready to play! Several have asked me to spread the word that players are ready to revive the local foosball scene in Cullman. Dustin & Lenette Wisener, along with James & Susan Chapman are coordinating foosball events at the Cullman Bowling Center for all interested to participate. Tuesday nights at 6:30pm and Friday nights at 8pm. It’d be great to have you there also. There are now two nice foosball tables at the Cullman Bowling Center. Hope to see you there! … Rodney Jenkins
This invites all interested persons to take part in the 17th Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball with "professional" and "amateur" events to be presented throughout the weekend beginning at 7pm on Friday November 5th. Special Alabama amateur events are scheduled for 9am on Saturday while the main event, open doubles competition, is scheduled for 8pm. While the "Ala-Amateur Showdown" is restricted to local players of limited, or no, tournament experience, the main event will feature professional and semi-professional players and teams competing from throughout the Southeast. Many other specialty events will be conducted throughout the weekend where probably at least 100 players will keep possibly 10 new foosball tables continually busy. For the first time since 1994, this year the tournament will be presented in Cullman, Alabama using the facility at the "Holiday Inn Express" which is located at the intersection of I-65 and Hwy. 157 (Exit 310). All are welcome and invited to witness and/or participate in the action, it promises to be the best ever! Additional information is included on the tournament flyer.
Hope to see you there!
Congratulations to Dustin Aker, an amateur player from Cullman, who recently captured Dustin Aker, 1st place Trooper Singles winner in Huntsville the hardware awarded after winning the "Trooper Singles" tournament for Huntsville. Dustin is a fairly new player to the scene having bought his home model foosball table roughly a year ago and then soon after becoming an occasional participant of the tournaments in Huntsville. Foosball is a unique game and sport to many, a sport of which is known for a quite huge learning curve. First place in foosball tournament competition is almost always dominated by those of the most experience in competition. That's why it's quite an accomplishment, deserving our applaus, for Dustin earning this tournanment win, especially against the long-time veterans and semi-pro players of the area.
Need I say?, watch out for Dustin Aker!
Two brand new "30th Anniversary" Tornado foosball tables have been setup, also the bar is adding "bar bucks" to the weekly tournament prize. ..... Foosnews Phil
An air of excitement permeated the Billiard Street Cafe in Huntsville,AL. as another installment of "Trooper Doubles" pulled players thoughts away from Hurricane Ivan's impending arrival. Old hands and new faces threw down on two fine Tornado tables to compete for hardware, honor, and two weeks of glory--'cause the next Trooper event happens on 9/29/04! Retired tour player Steve Perry dusted off his 3-rod push to fluster all opponents, while Atlanta's Buddy Maughon showed up the goalies. They did not lose a match! Steadily improving Dustin Aker teamed with Phil Cantrell at goal for second place. James Porter and John Smith had gritted teeth as John's shot ricochetted back into his own goal stopping them in a close third. David Burnett teamed with longtime friend Garrett Peterson to take fourth. 5th/6th placers were last T'Dubs winners Robert Owen / Bill Hartsell while new comers Clint May and Nick Peterson partnered together. Nice to see all come out!
Get your partner now, but remember--no pros! ..... Foosnews Phil
The Southern Foosball Program's "Trooper Doubles" drew in four brave teams despite a stormy night in Huntsville. Super goalie Bill Hartsell teamed with veteran forward Robert Owen to claim all matches and the coveted trophies; albeit using a tenacious scratch and claw offense! Narrowly missing the July title were runner-ups James Porter and John Smith, who are no doubt drafting a plan to reclaim bragging rights at the next Trooper Dubs. Ryan McGowan and David Burnett tasted meatnut heartbreak to manage third place with father / son duo Mike and Brad Hudson, respectively, rounding out the field. Kudos to all that attended, and understandingly, those that could not by reason of rough weather, we will see you next time!
Keep On Foosin' ..... Phil
James/ Ryan won all matches to win $40 each while Robert/ Bill took 2nd. Phil/ John was 3rd.
Two guys from San Antonio came in last night, Charlie Switzer and Nick Rodriguez. They were traveling around the area searching for foos action after finding information about our Huntsville foosball Program on the web. They left for Nashville soon after competing here in Huntsville.
Roberto Padron who works out at the airport showed up to play pick-up games. He had to get up early, so he didn't enter the tourney.
So, the tournament scheduled for next Wed. night is a bring your partner event for trophies while the entry fee is $3 per player. No pro players or AAA players will be eligible to compete.
Till next Wed. ... Phil
The local foos scene in Huntsville has been very slow for quite some time now. Local player Robert Owen is putting forth his effort to re-energize the weekly foosball tournament if possible, last Wednesday he called several players out to play and had a fair showing which was enough to conduct a tournament. He hopes players will continue to come out and participate. Lately, there has been a few visiting, as well as, new players stop by and peer in on the foosball action. We hope these players continue to come out and that they continue, or eventually, get involved with the foos-action. Phil Cantrell will be the weekly tournament coordinator--get there early for the singles warmup session.
A special event is scheduled for Wednesday night prior to Thanksgiving Day which involves a bring your partner format competing for 1st place trophies.1st place trophies awarded during the Program's Trooper eventsThe participation is limited to non-professional players of the Southern Foosball Program. The Program is planning a series of similar events for 2004 and will refer to this group of players as it's "Trooper Group". This particular event is listed above in the special events area.
I just added this "News & Announcements" section to this page where special information about the local foos-action in Alabama can be included in the future.

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