One of the
One of the "hottest" players on Tour in 2004 is Billy Pappas, he is pictured teamed with Brandon Moreland and in the middle of action during the finals of open doubles at Kentucky State. The opponents are on left, Rodney Jenkins & Billy Caylor.



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New Years Eve Mini-Bash
Saturday Dec. 31st 2005..... in Cullman,AL.
Ala-Amateur Singles
1st - Susan Chapman
2nd - Stephen Darby
3rd - Sabrina Rice
Open Doubles
1st - Rodney Jenkins & Vernon Pearson
2nd - Jim Wiggs & David Hobson
3rd - David Bagwell & Dale Moore
$4,000 Alabama State Championships 2005
November 4-6, 2005..... in Huntsville,AL.
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$800 Bama Foos-Bash
Saturday Sept. 24th 2005..... in Cullman,AL.
Open Singles
- Steve Dodgen
- Rodney Jenkins
3rd - David Bagwell
4th - Chris Folsom
Open Draw
- Rodney Jenkins & Susan Chapman
- Dustin Wisener & Randy Parker
3rd - Chris Folsom & Kathy Perry
4th - Steve Dodgen & Felisha Simmons
Open Doubles
- Dustin Wisener & James Chapman
- Dale Moore & Rodney Jenkins
- Steve Dodgen & Randy Parker
4th - Chris Folsom & Mickey Munger
*Unfortunately the tournament did not finish due to the unexpected ++turnout and due to the location actually wanting to close and hour earlier than I expected. In order to prevent having to come back on Sunday to finish, all person affected by the unfinished events agreed to split the prizes and call it good. I appologize to those affected and will take steps to prevent this situation in the future. The results listed above will reflect how players were standing in the tournament when competition was declared done.
$1,500 Alabama Open/World's Warmup 2005
Saturday & Sunday Aug. 13-14th 2005..... in Birmingham,AL.
Rookie Singles
1st - Blake Robertson,MS.
2nd - Shannon Coley,MS.
3rd - Jamie Milam,AL.
No-Pro Doubles
1st - Shannon Coley & Brian Ingram,MS.
2nd - Jim Wiggs & David Hobson
3rd - Ken Williams & Jamie Milam
Open Singles
1st - Jim Wiggs
2nd - Steve Dodgen
3rd - Dale Moore
Open Doubles
1st - Steve Dodgen & Jamie Milam
2nd - Randy Parker & Tony Gamso
3rd - Jim Wiggs & David Hobson
Rookie Doubles
1st - Dale Moore & Mike Camp
2nd - Shannon Coley & Brian Ingram,MS.
3rd - David Burnett & Garet Peterson
1st - Jim Wiggs & Dale Moore
2nd - Randy Parker & James Porter
3rd - Jim Eubank & Al Widok
Forward Shootout
1st - Jim Wiggs
2nd - James Porter
3rd - Nick Peterson
Goalie Wars
1st - James Porter
2nd - Kim Parker
3rd - Garet Peterson
$1,500 Rookie/Semi-Pro Regional Championships 2005
May 13th - 15th..... in Cullman, Alabama
Rookie/Semi-Pro Doubles (main event!)
1st David Hobson,AL. & Dustin Aker,AL.
2nd Randy Parker,AL. & Tony Gamso,AL.
3rd Dustin Wisener,AL. & James Chapman,AL.
4th Dale Moore,AL. (Iron Man)
5th/6th Robert Owen,AL. & James Porter,AL.
5th/6th Shannon Coley,MS. & Brad Westberry,MS.
RK/SP Draw for Partners
1st James Porter,AL. & Vernon Pearson,AL.
2nd Steve Perry,AL. (Iron Man)
3rd James Chapman,AL. & Garet Peterson,AL.
Semi Pro Singles
1st James Chapman,AL.
2nd Mike Hudson,AL.
3rd David Burnett,AL.
Rookie Doubles
1st Dustin Wisener,AL. & James Chapman,AL.
2nd Shannon Coley,MS. & Brad Westberry,MS.
3rd Robert owen,AL. & Dustin Aker,AL.
Rookie Singles
1st Dustin Aker,AL.
2nd David Burnett,AL.
3rd Vernon Pearson,AL.
Forward Shootout
1st David Burnett,AL.
2nd Dustin Aker,AL.
3rd Steve Perry,AL.
Goalie Wars
1st Tony Gamso,AL.
2nd Susan Chapman,AL.
3rd James Chapman,AL.
RK/SP Mixed Doubles
1st Randy & Kim Parker,AL.
2nd James & Susan Chapman,AL.
3rd Tony Gamso,AL. & Lenette Wisener,AL.
$2,500 Northern Florida State Championships 2005
April 15-17, 2005..... in Pensacola,FL.
See the complete [NEWS] & [RESULTS].
$3,000 Tennessee State Championships
March 18-20, 2005..... in Chattanooga,TN
See the complete [NEWS] & [RESULTS].
$700 North Alabama Open
Saturday Jan. 22nd 2005..... in Cullman,AL.
Open Singles
1st - Rodney Jenkins
2nd - Steve Dodgen
3rd - David Hobson
4th - Ken Williams
Open Draw
1st - Steve Dodgen & Lenette Wisener
2nd - Dale Oberhausen & Dustin Wisener
3rd - Ken Williams & Robert Owen
4th - Tony Gamso & Susan Chapman
Open Doubles
1st - Rodney Jenkins & Lenette Wisener
2nd - Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams
3rd - Robert Owen & James Porter
4th - Dale Oberhausen & Tony Gamso
$1,000 Dixie "Bad Boy" Open 2005
February 18th & 20th..... in Scottsboro, Alabama
Most Outstanding Players
Dixie "Bad Boy" - Bruce Stancel,TN.
RK "Bad Boy" - Mark Witt,TN.
Open Draw
1st - Bruce Stancel,TN. & John Smith,AL.
2nd - Dale Oberhausen,AL. & Mark Witt,TN.
3rd - Dustin Aker,AL. & David Phillips,TN.
Forward Shootout
1st - Mark Witt,TN.
2nd - Dale Oberhausen,AL.
3rd - Steve Perry,AL.
Open Singles
1st - Billy Caylor,TN.
2nd - Bruce Stancel,TN.
3rd - Steve Perry,AL.
Open Doubles
1st - Billy Caylor,TN. & Rodney Jenkins,AL.
2nd - Mark Witt,TN. & David Phillips,TN.
3rd - Bruce Stancel,TN. & Cliff Williams,TN.
4th - Dustin Aker,AL. & John Smith,AL.
Goalie Wars
1st - Bruce Stancel,TN.
2nd - James Chapman,AL.
3rd - Mark Witt,TN.

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1-7-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Dustin Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
1-9-05 Open Handicapper/ Rodney Jenkins
1-14-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Lee Blanton
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
1-16-05 Open Handicapper/ Jim Wiggs
1-21-05 Handicap Draw/ Jim Wiggs & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Jim Wiggs
1-28-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
1-30-05 Amateur Singles/
1st- James Chapman,2nd- Stewart Cleveland,3rd- Jeff Robinson
2-4-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Josh Parker
Handicap Singles/ Tony Gamso
2-11-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Lenette Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Jim Wiggs
2-13-05 Handicap Draw/ James Chapman & David Burnett
2-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Dustin Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
2-24-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Keith McSwain
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
2-27-05 Cullman Trooper Invitational (Doubles & Singles)
1st/ Dustin Aker & Steve Perry
2nd/ Dustin & Lenette Wisener
3rd/ Tony Gamso & Mike Camp
Singles/ Randy Parker, 2nd/ Steve Perry, 3rd/ Lee Blanton
3-4-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Tony Gamso
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
3-11-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Winfred Seay
Handicap Singles/ James Chapman
3-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
3-25-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Allen Widok
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
4-1-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Jeff Robinson
Handicap Singles/ Lee Blanton
4-3-05 Cullman Trooper Invitational (Doubles & Singles)
1st/ Dustin Wisener & Lee Blanton
2nd/ James Porter & John Smith
3rd/ Vernon Pearson & Lenette Wisener
Singles/ Steve Perry, 2nd/ Lee Blanton, 3rd/ James Porter
4-8-05 Cullman Ala-Amateur Singles
1st/ James Chapman
2nd/ Billy Woods
3rd/ Josh Parker
Handicap Draw/ Lee Blanton & Susan Chapman
4-23-05 Handicap Draw/ Lee Blanton & James Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Lee Blanton
4-30-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Lenette Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
5-7-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Billy Woods
Handicap Singles/ James Chapman
5-21-05 Handicap Draw/ Lee Blanton & Susan Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Lee Blanton
5-28-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & AL Widok
Handicap Singles/ David Burnett
6-4-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & Lenette Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Mike Hudson
6-11-05 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & Josh Parker
Handicap Singles/ Vernon Pearson
6-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Susan Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
6-25-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Tina Snell
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
7-1-05 Cullman Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Susan Chapman & David Marler
2nd/ Billy Woods & Nick Peterson
3rd/ Jeff Robinson & Stewart Cleveland
Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & David Burnett
7-2-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & Kathy Perry
Handicap Singles/ Steve Perry
7-9-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Susan Chapman
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
7-16-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Dodgen & Mike Perry
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
7-23-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & James Chapman
Handicap Singles/ James Porter
7-29-05 Handicap Draw/ James Chapman & Al Widok
Handicap Singles/ James Porter
8-6-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Dustin Wisener
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
8-26-05 Cullman Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Susan Chapman & Garet Peterson
2nd/ Mike & Kathy Perry
3rd/ Lenette Wisener & Nick Peterson
D.Y.P./ Dustin Wisener & Winfred Seay
8-27-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Mike Perry
Handicap Singles/ Dustin Wisener
9-3-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamson & Nick Peterson
Handicap Singles/ Rodney Jenkins
9-10-05 Handicap Draw/ Dale Moore & Kim Parker
Handicap Singles/ Randy Parker
9-17-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Mike Perry
Handicap Singles/ Steve Dodgen
10-1-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin & Lenette Wisener
Handicap BYP/ Dustin & Lenette Wisener
10-8-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Chuck Shikle
10-15-05 Handicap Draw/ Kim Parker & Dale Moore
Handicap BYP/ Dale Moore(Iron Man)
10-22-05 AL. State Warm-up (Open Doubles)
1st/ Rodney Jenkins & Lenette Wisener
2nd/ Mickey Munger & Grainger Beam
3rd/ Dustin Wisener & James Chapman
Ala-Amateur Draw
1st/ Jeff Robinson & Stephen Darby
2nd/ Nick Peterson & Bobby Simmons
3rd/ Josh Parker & Kathy Perry
11-19-05 Handicap Draw/ Randy Parker & Kathy Perry
Handicap BYP/ Tony Gamso & Nick Peterson
11-26-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Bobby Simmons
Handicap Singles/ Al Widok
12-3-05 Alabama Invitational State Champs
Ala-Amateur Singles
1st/ Josh Parker
2nd/ Susan Chapman
3rd/ Al Widok
Ala-Amateur Doubles
1st/ Susan Chapman & Nick Peterson
2nd/ Josh Parker & Al Widok
3rd/ Kim Parker & Stephen Darby
Trooper Doubles
1st/ James Porter & Ken Williams
2nd/ Randy Parker & Tony Gamso
3rd/ Dale Moore & David Bagwell
Handicap Singles
1st/ Randy Parker
2nd/ Vernon Pearson
3rd/ Rodney Jenkins
Handicap Doubles
1st/ James Porter & Randy Parker
2nd/ Josh Parker & Nathan Hestla
3rd/ Steve Dodgen & Stewart Cleveland
12-10-05 Handicap Singles/ Allen Widok
12-17-05 Handicap Draw/ Dustin Wisener & Nick Peterson
Handicap Singles/ Dale Moore
12-31-05 Open Doubles/ Rodney Jenkins & Vernon Pearson
Amateur Singles/ Susan Chapman
1-5-05 Bring Your Partner/ James Porter & Tony Gamso
1-12-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Mike Hudson
1-19-05 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & John Smith
1-26-05 Handicap Draw/ Frank Kretzschmar & Dustin Aker
2-2-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Dustin Aker
2-9-05 Bring Your Partner/ James Porter & Robert Owen
2-16-05 Handicap Draw/ Dale Oberhausen & Steve Perry
2-23-05 Bring Your Partner/ Robert Owen & Steve Perry
3-3-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & James Porter
3-9-05 Bring Your Partner/ Steve Perry & David Burnett
3-16-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Garet Peterson
3-23-05 Bring Your Partner/ Steve Perry & Robert Owen
3-30-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Billy Woods
4-6-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & Robert Owen
4-13-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Billy Woods
4-20-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & John Smith
4-27-05 Handicap Draw/ Vernon Pearson & David Burnett
5-4-05 Huntsville "Super Trooper" Invitational (Doubles & Singles)
1st/ Steve Perry & Robert Owen
2nd/ James Porter & Dustin Aker
3rd/ Bruce Stancel & Cliff Williams
Singles/ Steve Perry, 2nd/ Tony Orr, 3rd/ James Porter
5-11-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Billy Woods
5-18-05 Handicap Draw/ Phil Cantrell & Billy Woods
5-25-05 Handicap Draw/ Steve Perry & David Burnett
6-1-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Mike Hudson
6-8-05 Handicap Draw/ Tony Gamso & David Burnett
6-15-05 Handicap Draw/ Robert Owen & Mike Hudson
6-22-05 Handicap Draw/ Nick Peterson & Billy Woods
6-29-05 Bring Your Partner/ Robert Owen & Bill Hartsell
7-6-05 Handicap Draw/ Garet Peterson & Ryan McGowan
7-13-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Mike Hudson
7-20-05 Bring Your Partner/ Phil Cantrell & Nick Peterson
7-27-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Phil Cantrell
8-3-05 Bring Your Partner/ James Porter & John Smith
8-10-05 Handicap Draw/ David Burnett & Nick Peterson
8-17-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & John Smith
8-24-05 Bring Your Partner/ Phil Cantrell & Robert Owen
9-21-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Phil Cantrell
9-28-05 Handicap Draw/ James Porter & Chuck Shikle
10-5-05 Handicap Draw/ Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson

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