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Pictured is 2006 Alabama State Champs of open doubles--Daniel Colter & Mike Flynn. The 20th Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball is planned for the weekend of November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for this 2007. The event is to be held at the SouFooPro-Huntville location which is on the out-skirts of Huntsville but actually in the city of Madison, Alabama. Prizes to be awarded during the event, along with guaranteed cash and entry pay-back money is estimated to reach a value well beyond $2,500.
As usual with SouFooPro events, Open Doubles is deemed the main event of the weekend and all are welcome and invited to participate. Those that register for the open doubles contest will then be qualified to enter and compete for state titles in other specialty events to be presented throughout the weekend. Players may register at anytime during the weekend for open doubles and then any other of the specialty events that they are eligible to play.
This event is being presented by the Southern Foosball Program and sponsored primarily by Tornado of Alabama-Foosball Table Sales.

Additional information is included below. If needed: Call or contact the Program Headquarters/Rodney Jenkins (256) 734-6349 between 8am & 9pm central time, or email anytime
Pictured is Daniel Colter & Mike Flynn, the 2006 defending champs of open doubles. Other state champs are listed at:


November 2-4th 2007 ..... SouFooPro-Huntsville in Madison, Alabama
Friday: ..... (Pre-registered event begins at 7pm sharp!)
7 PM Forward Shootout ..... $10 entry fee - 100% payback!
8 PM Open Draw ..... $10 entry fee - 100% payback!
1 PM Under-Pro Doubles
(Rookie,Amateur,Semi-Pro & Unrated players are eligible.)
1st - $200 ..... Entry fee is $20 & *(Entry to main event required!)
2nd - $100 ..... (Based on 8 teams participation!)
3rd - $60
3rd - $40
3 PM Open Mixed Doubles ..... $10 entry fee - 100% payback!
4 PM Open Singles ..... $10 entry fee -
$100 Added w/ 100% payback!
8 PM MAIN EVENT/OPEN DOUBLES ... *Bring your partner!
1st - $500 .................. Entry fee is $25
2nd - $300 ................... Semi Pro - $30
3rd - $200 ..... Pro - $35 & ProMaster - $40
4th - $100 ... (Based on 16 teams participation!)
12 PM Last match called will be determined accordingly! ..... (Events continue at 12:00 noon)
1 PM Under-Pro Singles ..... $10 entry fee - entry payback!
3 PM Goalie Wars ..... $10 entry fee - 100% payback
5 PM Last-Chance DYP
$10 entry fee - 100% payback


  • Open Doubles is the main event of the weekend and entry is required by all to be eligible to compete in any other event offered---the only exceptions are the draw your partner event, open mixed doubles, and the special invitation only Ala-Amateur events! However, the tournament fee will apply.
  • A one-time tournament administration fee of $25 will be required of all players entering an event and/or using the free-play tournament tables. Otherwise $10 per event. The tournament will be presented on probably 4-6 nice Tornado Tournament tables.
  • When applicable, the Programs' current Class-Point Ratings will be used to dictate a player's eligibility to compete--including chart seeding; otherwise, USTSA ratings will be observed. All current USTSA rated semi-pro players will be allowed to compete in the under-pro events.
  • Official rules of the United States Table Soccer Association as well as those adopted by the Southern Foosball Program will be observed, and the tournament directors' decision on all matters is final!
    Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated!
  • The events, prizes, and payout breakdowns are based upon participation; therefore, all are subject to change at the tournament directorsí discretion. Events of less than 8-16 teams participation may/could be cancelled or revised.
  • Registration and sign-up begins 30 minutes before an event is scheduled to begin and will close no sooner than 15 minutes past. Don't miss out!
  • Open event matches take priority over all other events, however, match coordination will be strictly the directors judgment. Players must be ready to play very shortly after their match has been called. Players competing in multiple events may have to play matches back-to-back. We will not allow an event to be held up waiting for players to report to their matches, forfeiture procedures will be enforced!
  • For more information: Call or contact the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins (256) 734-6349 between 8am & 9pm central time, or email anytime
  • Special tournament events will be included for the local entry level players, Ala-Amateur players see additional tournament information here.


The tournament host is located on Madison Blvd/Madison, Alabama. It is just west of and very near Huntsville conveniently located just off Interstate 565.

Travel Interstate 565 and take the "Wal Triana exit" which is just west of Huntsville. Exit north toward the adjacent Hwy. 20(Madison Blvd.) and then turn to the right onto Madison Blvd. and head east for about a short distance while looking on the left.

*Country Hearth
8716 Madison Boulevard Madison, AL 35758
Contact: (256) 772-0701
...... This hotel ajoins the tournament location parking lot. Reservations recommended.
Directions: Exit 8 off Interstate 565


Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email: