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Included below is information about how to become a part of the Southern Foosball Program. If you're interested, or your already involved, in promoting foosball in some way I'd love to use this Program to help you in anyway that I can. Whether your a business interested in hosting foosball tables and/or possibly tournaments or league events, or if your simply a player already involved organizing local foosball activities and need a forum for announcements and exposure, the Southern Foosball Program is available and ready to provide promotional services to those interested. However, just like in the real world, where there are services rendered, there are fees involved.

These services have been established and offered as a result of constant inquiries by pockets of foosball enthusiasts and foosball table operators scattered throughout the region, all requesting services like those that I have described below. I'm sorry that I cannot offer these services for free, the set-up & work involved is much more time-consuming than time that I have to spare. However, continuous requests for these services has finally motivated me to add the necessary staff needed to handle these chores. Promotional services like what I have described below are now available for those interested and willing to help cover the cost created by them.

The "Southern Foosball Program" primarily operates in locations affiliated with Tornado of Alabama and those locations establishing, in some way, a "Sponsoring" relationship with the Program. Listed below is information and fair pricing for promotional services that are commonly requested.
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Every Week - tournament schedule: No charge!
The Program will simply list your weekly local tournament schedule information along with a coordinators name and contact information on the Program's [EVERY WEEK] tournament schedule page at no charge. Just submit this information to us via email. You'll also need to respond occasionally with notes about participation which will let us know that the event is remaining active; otherwise, we will assume not active and eventually remove the listing.
*This service is offered at no charge! Note: Qualify for a more detailed listing of your location and weekly events by becoming an "Our Sponsors" location as described next.

Our Sponsors - additional schedule & location information:

Become a sponsoring location and qualify for a more detailed listing of your location and, if applicable, your weekly event scheduling. With this service your location will be included on the Program's [OUR SPONSORS] & [PLAYING LOCATIONS] page.
*$3 per month plus a one time set-up fee $5. Minimum six month period required! = $23 total charge

Announcements - submit an announcement or news:

The Program will list your approved information on the [ANNOUNCEMENTS] or [NEWS] pages-- one-time, such as a special tournament announcement or news.
*$5 per occasion.

Tournament Scheduling - list a special foosball event:

The Program will include your special event information, listed simply or in detail, on the [TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE] page-- one-time. "Simply listed" includes date, event title, location, and contact name and phone number; whereas, the detailed listing could include additional information about events, scheduling, and prize breakdown.
*$5 per occasion simply listed, or $10 for the more detailed listing.

Customized Page - for your local Program: New offer!

The Program will create a customized special page within the Southern Foosball Program web site for your local coordinated foosball activity. The standard page set-up would include information about the following topics in relation to the activities presented: schedule, contacts, host location, directions, notes to players, and a on-site action photo or graphic logo. See this page as an example. Periodically updated results information and a top performers list can be added as well. Information is updated usually during the first five days of every month, according to information timely submitted by a designated contact.
*$8 per month plus a one time set-up fee $12. Twelve month minimum period required! = $108 total
*Add the periodically updated results & top participants information service for an additional $5 per month x 12. = $168 total.

Special Event - or tournament promotion services:

The Program will help you present a special foosball event or tournament. Contact the Program Headquarters/Rodney Jenkins for a quote on services needed for your promotional interests. The Program would be willing to help with any portion of the process necessary, whether it's planning, creating, and organizing the event, and/or it's advertising, promoting, coordinating, and eventually it's presentation--let us know how we can help with your special event or tournament.
Depending on the size and type event to be presented, there can be expenses along with quite a few tasks that need to be performed in order to insure the best success. Listed below are various tasks sometimes involved in creating and presenting a special foosball tournament. Included are expenses to be considered, as well as, pricing for service fees involved in having the Program's staff perform these tasks. For those interested in promotional & coordination services, the itemized pricing included below will be used to determine a total cost estimate for the services requested. Under certain circumstances the charges listed are possibly negotiable, contact the Program for an accurate quote.
Tournament flyer -
The Program will help with planning and coordinating events, eventually creating the necessary information needed for a distributable event flyer containing the schedule of events and prize breakdown.
*Basic charge would be $10. Providing copies for distribution could be extra.
Announcements -
The Program would announce the event on it's web site, on popular foosball forums, and to email contacts of potential participants for a basic fee of $8.
*Additional inclusion on the [TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE] listed simply or in detail would be additional $5 or $10 accordingly as described previously for "tournament scheduling".
*The charge for "Postal mail-outs" would be $1 each and according to outreach needed. For example, announcements sent through postal service to the top 20 known potential participants within 20-50 miles of the host location would be $20, while sent to the top 50 known potential participants within 50-70 miles would be $50. Sent to the top known possible participants within $100 miles would be $100 and so on....
Table Preparation -
Tables used for tournament play should be in satisfactory playing condition--including well lit. Standard procedures should be used while preparing tables for tournament use which helps combat, as much as possible, varying playing characteristics from table to table. The playfields & balls should be clean and free of any foreign substances which could affect the playing characteristics.
*The fee for basically preparing foosball tables for tournament play is $5 each. Replacement parts would be extra and accordingly.
Table Use -
The Program can provide extra tables needed just for the event.
*Table use fee is $50 per table per day. Set-up & lights might be extra. Table transportation is extra and according to mileage & expenses involved.
Tournament Coordinator -
The Program will furnish the tournament charts & supplies needed along with a tournament coordinator for a basic fee of $10 per hour.
*If a tournament participant can serve as the tournament coordinator the charge would be $5 per hour. When extra tournament staff is needed, the charge is $5 per hour for each.

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The actual charges for information submitted to be included on this website will be ultimately determined according to size and the set up necessary; however, the basic set up fees are listed and are subject to change without notice. Under certain circumstances the charges listed herein are possibly negotiable. Contact the Program Headquarters/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or for an accurate quote on charges for promotional services.
Check back periodically, information will be added as requests for similar services are presented to us.

Dedicated to promoting the sport of foosball! for more than twenty years..... Yeah right! .....I'll have to admit, my interest in this game-sport, over the years, has motivated me sometimes to go beyond the call of duty. At times I've pulled off some tasks that, well, if my daytime job boss had ask me to do, I'd quickly have told him just how far he could "take this job and shove it!". A few years ago, reality presented itself rudely before me and I suddenly realized that I had to draw some boundary lines to my sacrifices during my foosball promotional efforts. Although I would love to offer my promotional ability, tools, and services available at no-charge and simply for the benefit of this sport, there are expenses involved that I have to consider. I simply must manage all my present, and future, promotional efforts in a way that will allow them to fully fund themselves--start to finish; for several reasons this has become "priority #1". In order to secure my relationship with sponsors, I must require any business benefiting from the Program and it's website to help with the operating expenses involved.


Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Tornado of Alabama/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or