Players participating in tournament competition in Jackson, Mississippi.



Experience "MisSiSsIpPi FoOsBaLl" in the Southern city of Jackson --which happens to be the home of several of the Southern Foosball Programs top rated foosball players and competitors. Local players David Dent, Tracy Harrell, and Anson Ballard are working together to coordinate weekly foosball tournament competition for all who are interested in participating.

The Main Event Sports Bar & Grill is currently hosting the every Saturday night series of tournaments. The "Draw Your Partner(DYP)" format is planned for the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Saturdays of each month, while the "Bring Your Partner(BYP)" format is planned for the 1st & possible 5th Saturdays. The coordinators have decided to designate the DYP's in an effort to foster competition and hopefully lure in new players--they plan to prevent two pros from drawing each other, or two girls from drawing each other. In order to spice up the competition, the bar manager Cody Knight, has announced plans to possibly add cash! to the prize breakdowns each week--$50 during the DYP's and $100 or more during the BYP's. Located at 4659 Hwy 80, the business offers food and daily drink specials, age 21 is required. The Program will have at least three very nice Tornado foosball tables on site. Phone (601) 922-9987.
Pictured above is players while competing during regional tournament action at the location formally known as "Shooters Tavern", now "The Main Event Sports Bar & Grill" --on the left is Chris Cavaliere, of Hattiesburg, while competing against Bill Bell, of Jackson.

Listed below is information about the weekly tournament schedule, it's results, the top money winners, and occasional special events & regional events scheduled. All of which, creating the Jackson Foosball Program. This page is to be updated during the first five days of every month-if not before. Please visit regualarily for changes and updates. Keep in mind that occasional regional competition might take some of the participants out of town on the weekends, in this case, those in attendance will have to serve as the temporary tournament director as described in the Program's Standard Procedures.
This page is sponsored by Tornado of Alabama, your source for foosball tables, parts, and service--homemodels and coin-operated.

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Every Saturday in Jackson, MS. at:

8pm Draw & Bring Your Partner Events - (Anyone can play!)
$5 & $10 entry fee - 100% payback! Sorry, temporarily cancelled!(12-4-03)
NOTE: Sign-up is at 7:30pm while the starting time is at 8. The "DYP" format is planned for the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Saturdays of each month($5 entry & $50 added!), while the "Open BYP" format is planned for the 1st & possible 5th Saturdays($10 entry with $100 or more added!). Featuring double elimination 3/5 & 2/3 game matches as long as time permits at the directors descretion.

Directions: Exit Interstate 20 at Highway 18/Robinson Road exit traveling North on Robinson Road. At the 3rd traffic light, turn left onto Highway 80 proceeding West, the location is approximately 1/2 mile on the left. This location was formally known as Shooter’s Tavern.

Jackson's Special Events Schedule:

2-18-03 $1,700 Dixie "Bad Boy" Open ..... [RESULTS]
8-3-03 $3,500 Mississippi State Championships 2003 in Jackson. .....[RESULTS]
10-4-03 Open Doubles w/$100 added to $10 entry fees per player. 8pm sharp! (BYP)
11-1-03 Open Doubles w/$150 added to $10 entry fees per player. 8pm sharp! (BYP)
11-22-03 $200 added! MisSiSsIpPi Open ..... [RESULTS] ..... [NEWS... by Anson]
11-29-03 Open Doubles w/$150 added to $10 entry fees per player. 8pm sharp! (BYP)
12-6-03 Open Doubles w/$150 added to $10 entry fees per player. 8pm sharp! (BYP)

Contact the Southern Foosball Program Headquarters/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email:

9-6-03 DYP/ Joe Lacey and Tracy Harrell
9-13-03 DYP/ Mike Flynn & Anson Ballard
9-20-03 DYP/ Donald Wilson & Anson Ballard
9-27-03 DYP/ Michael Bates & Ronnie Searcy
10-4-03 Open Doubles BYP/ Michael Bates & J.J. Hearn
2nd - David Dent & Donald Wilson
3rd - Joe Lacey & Mike Flynn
10-11-03 DYP/ David Dent & Mike Bankston
10-18-03 DYP/ David Dent & Tracy Harrell
10-25-03 DYP/ Michael Bates & Randy Bolton
11-1-03 Open Doubles BYP/ Chris Cavalier & Bobby Sims
2nd - Michael Bates & J. J. Hearn
3rd - Donald Wilson & David Dent
4th - Mike Flynn & Joe Lacey
11-15-03 DYP/ Joe Lacey and Tracy Harrell
11-22-03 $200 added! MisSiSsIpPi Open/ [RESULTS]
11-29-03 Open Doubles BYP/ Michael Bates & J.J. Hearn
2nd - Anson Ballard & Donald Wilson
3rd - Randy Hendon & Nikki Hendon

$305........Michael Bates
$145........David Dent
$150........Donald Wilson
$110........Anson Ballard
$100........Chris Cavaliere
$100........Bobby Sims
$110........Tracy Harrell
$70..........Mike Flynn
$90..........Joe Lacey
$50..........Randy Bolton
$45..........Ronnie Searcy
$40..........Mike Bankston
$20..........Wendell Fugitt
$20..........Randy Hendon
$20..........Nikki Hendon
$15..........Daryl Clark
$15..........Nikki Clark
$10..........Caroline Bolton

(For the period of September 1st 2003 through October)

Sorry, the weekly foosball tournament at "The Main Event" has been cancelled due to lack of participation. Keep an eye out for announcements of possible periodical tournaments scheduled for the location.
Well, in case you have not heard, I (David Dent) am going overseas to work on a project for the ministry of electricity on in Baghdad, Iraq. I leave Wednesday night, traveling by plane to Memphis, Amsterdam and Kuwait and then driving to Baghdad in an armored caravan as I understand it, several days later. I have no idea when I will be able to return to the United States or if I will ever return. It is possible that I might be able to return home for Christmas, but that is uncertain. Needless to say, I will not be running any tournaments for a very long time.
Tracy Harrell and Anson Ballard will be running things from now on and I have already talked to them.
Later, .....David Dent
Good luck to David and we wish him the best!
I just wanted to let everyone know that David is turning over all the tourny info to me, and I will be running the tourny's with the help of Anson. I intend on keeping everything going as smoothly as David has, as well as sending out weekly updates, and other info. If you have any questions you can reach me by the email link listed or on my cell at 601-209-1450.
See you Saturday! ($50 added Draw) .....Tracy
The first Saturday bring at the Main Event went off well without any problems and was a great success. Although 4 tables were in place, only two were "tournament ready" and were used in the event. From what I have heard, Rodney and Cody will get together to place a light over the new table before the November 22nd $200 added event. With 11 teams participating, the event went smoothly, starting at around 8:30 and ending at about 2:00AM. The top 4 seeds advanced and ended up with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place as they were seeded per points off the VIFA website. Thanks goes out to Donald Wilson for providing that information as well as a set of rules. Donald Wilson/Dent only edged Joe Lacey/Mike Flynn by 40 points on the seeding points.
Items of interest that I noticed at the tournament were: The bar added $150 which brought the winnings up to a new high with the new record turnout. Jeff Thomas came out of retirement to play with Mike Jewell. Jeff made a good showing, but couldn't seem to "crank up" his shot well enough to beat one of the seeded teams. I look for Jeff Thomas to come back with a vengeance after his showing this weekend. Chris Cavalier and Bobby Sims played well with Chris shooting a pull shot of all things. It looked like a replay of a 1990 event, when Chris used to shoot a pull at that time, but with a much better 5 row. Two teams showed up from the campus of Ole Miss to find out what tournament foosball is all about... Mike Lee was one of those entering for the first time. I think he may have some idea what needs to improve when he returns to Oxford. The teams of Anson Ballard/Matt Clem and Pat Phillips/Mike Bankston still cannot seem to "break through" although they had respectable play and probably scared a few teams. Randy Bolton/Caroline Bolton and Ty Kuhn/Tracy Harrell also had aspirations that never quite came true. All 4 of these teams have potential that have not been realized in my opinion... I look for one of them to break through at some point in the coming months.
...David Dent
The Program has added another tournament foosball table to the location. .....Rodney
I have good news to report to you in this "special report" on foosball in the Jackson area... Yesterday, I got a call from Cody at the Main Event. It seems that Cody has managed to get sponsors for the foosball activity. Coke/Sunny Water and Sysco Food Services of Jackson have chipped in to help promote and fund our events. In my view, the arrival of Coca-Cola on the scene is of great significance. In the past, we have only had beer vendors to help promote and there was no money backing from these vendors. Coke could potentially have a much greater impact on our sport. The immediate effects are that the tournament's added money is now back and guaranteed. The DYP's will all have $50 added and the BYP's will now have $150+ added. The BYP's will still be on the first Saturday of the month and DYP's will still be on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays. This will include this Saturday's DYP, which now has the $50 added money guaranteed by Main Event/Coke/Sysco. Cody went on to say that Coke would be providing a advertisement banner in the foosball area and that on the 5th Saturday events, we might have a larger 2 day event with potentially more than $150 added. Thanks and I hope to see you this Saturday night.
David Dent...
Thanks to everyone that showed up. There was good competition Saturday night. BUT, we need more people to show up. Talk to everyone that you know that plays and tell them about the tournaments. We have tried to accomodate to the players. The tournament is starting earlier, finishing earlier, and we have convinced this new location to add $$$ when they are not really getting anything out of it. PLEASE try to come out and play. The more people we can get the more money they will add. If the same 10 people continue to show up and no more then they will quit adding money and may no longer even welcome foosball tournaments to be held. We all know someone who isn't showing up that we can call. Try to call at least one person and convince them to show up. Talk to people in hattiesburg, mobile, new orleans, and memphis. If we can get 1 more person for each person that has been playing then we will have 10 teams. That would be more than we have had for a local tournament in well over a year.
Thanks, Anson Ballard
The tournament Saturday night at the Main Event went off without problems. Tracy Harrell ran the charts. Everyone should thank Tracy for her efforts. The bar did add the $50 promised even though there were only 5 teams. Our first bring your partner will be on the first Saturday in October with $100 added. That will be Saturday, October 4th. Already, people are starting to pair up and get ready for this added money bring, which will be the first of its type in Jackson for several years. That bar wants 15 teams to continue the added money next month to the DYP's and the BYP's. So please make sure to tell everyone you know about the tournaments with added money and please come out and participate. With $100 added, assuming 10 teams participate, first place would be approximately $200! Not bad for a Saturday night local event... The results are listed.
Congratulations to Donald Wilson on his "comeback" debut with 1st place, along with Anson Ballard. I understand that competition was pretty intense and the event was completed before midnight. In case anyone has not checked Rodney's website lately, we have a page for the Jackson Foosball program now. Here is the web address:
I thought that the page looked great and should give us good exposure in Jackson.
Thanks, David Dent...
The Saturday night draw at Main Event went off without problems(5 teams), the results are listed. The bartender/manager, Cody, made an announcement Saturday night that future DYPs would have $50 added by the bar. Cody mentioned that he hoped to get 15 teams participating to keep the event going. Cody also mentioned that if more teams began to regularly show up, that the added money would be increased. Also, on the 1st Saturday of the month, Cody will be adding $100 to a bring your partner event. Please tell everyone you know that the tournaments are back on and that money is now being added. Also, please come out and participate.
David Dent

Contact the Southern Foosball Program Headquarters/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email:

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