Rob Moore and Rick Bressel are pictured and are foosball players from Mobile that have participated in tournaments held in the Panhandle area.




Foosball enthusiasts all over the country enjoy participating in weekly foosball tournaments and/or sometimes league competition. It's possible that there may be a group of foosball enthusiasts already coordinating events in your area. If so, you should take advantage of the opportunity and get out and participate. More of my thoughts are...continued here

The Southern Foosball Program presents occasional regional events in the panhandle area of the great state of Florida. Listed below is links to that information, as well as, submitted information about local foosball action throughout that area. Included is, at least, contact information for those coordinating, or those "in the know", about the said foos-activity. Also to be included is any collected resulting information, all of which create our Florida Panhandle Foosball Program. Information is usually updated during the first five days of each month-if not before; however, all is subject to change at any moment--you should check back often for possible updates. This information, if any, will be the result of submission by those "in the know", and it's actuality will be dependent. While efforts will be made to confirm the accuracy of suspicious input, the Southern Foosball Program will make no guarantees of accuracy about what is posted herein, one should use their own judgement. Certainly, prior to making a long drive to participate, you should first contact someone in the know to get an idea of current activity status.

This page is being sponsored by the Southern Foosball Program and Tornado of Alabama, your source for foosball tables, parts, and service--homemodels and coin-operated. Those interested in becoming a sponsor, or simply pledging support for the goals of this page and Program, please go here.

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The Southern Foosball Program often uses The Rack n' Cue II for occasional special events and regional events for the panhandle area of Florida. Locals sometimes use the location for weekly events as well. Visit the location at 3701 Andrew Avenue in Pensacola, or contact Fran @(850) 434-9431.
Watch this page along with [SouFooPro] for possible scheduled upcoming events.

Ft. Walton
Contact James Dufour or Greg McCann for information about foosball action in the area, or drop by "Hell Ní Back" located on the island, reportedly weekly tournaments are coordinated every Thursday night @ 8:30.

Panama City
Locations on the beach that might house a foosball table are "Newby's Too!" and "DeBubba & JoeJoe's Cafe" {Phone(850) 233-3334 or (850) 774-3333}. Rumor is that semi-pro player Jeremy Monroe frequents these locations beating up on the local foosers.


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Local Special Events:

April 16-17 2005 ...$2,500 Northern Florida State Championships in Pensacola [RESULTS]


6-15-06 FT WALTON open draw/ James Dufour & Mike Weaver
6-29-06 FT WALTON open draw/ Greg McCann & Kim D.
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(For the period Beginning in January 2006 'til present)


We had 17 players this week, making it our best turnout so far; and HelenBack delivered with free pizza all night and a couple of $10 gift certificates. Results were as follows: ...First: Kim D and Greg, Second: Billy and James, Third: Brad and Capt. Mike.

The pizza - here's how the free pizza works: Helen Back keeps us supplied. When one runs out we get another. If you see the supply getting low, just let me or Mike know and we will order one - along with your request for toppings. We try to get pizzas with different toppings on each half to make everyone happy. Generally, half has lots of ingredients, and the other half is simpler.

The prizes - In addition to the entry fees, Helen back provides gift certificates. The amount varies, but usually its two $10 Helen Back gift certificates. We have a payout table for the entry fees, but the certificates are distributed at the discretion of the tournament directors (me or Mike). We use this as our wild card to: make sure everyone has fun; and to encourage new players to come back. Sometimes we use the certificates to buy drinks for players. To ensure objectivity, neither Capt Mike or myself will ever award ourselves a certificate.
...cya next week, Greg

The "Designated DYP" concept was used this week where players were separtated into two groups, the most experienced foosball players and the least experienced players. Teams were then determined by randomly drawing a member from each group. This created a more competitive tournament. The uneven number of players situation was handled similar to what's layed out on the [STANDARD PROCEDURES] page of this "SouFooPro" website.

If you would like to play foosball while in the Ft. Walton Beach area, you should let us know. We have our weekly tournaments at "Hell Ní Back" (on the island) every Thursday night @ 8:30. Not too many teams, but the atmosphere is decent and the participation is growing with a few new players every week popping out of the woodworks. So far we usually only have 6 teams with a $5 buy-in. Payout is weak, but we have fun just playing. As the tournaments get bigger we plan on raising the entry fee. If you just want to play at Gregís house, my house, etc., we can usually schedule playing at the drop of a hat.
I got first place this last Thursday. Had to beat Greg and his partner on a double dip. WHoo Hoo!!!
... James Dufour
We did it again! Thirty-eight of the areas most competitive foosball players showed up once again for foos-action in Pensacola, Florida. Just like previous years the weekend and weather was awesome for the Program's Nothern Florida State Championships, known as the "Panhandle Play-offs!". The only difference being the results, this year Steve Dodgen & J.J. Hearn captured the main event, open doubles, title in unusual fashion. Coming from the losers side of the chart to the finals and after a short while into the finals match, the pair switched positions where each settled in and adjusted with spectacular performances which lead to double-defeating the oponents, Bill Bell & Michael Bates. Yep, J.J. played forward--and was outstanding! While Steve played goalie--and was a brick!
During the non-pro main event, Jackson, Mississippi players Chris Brown & David Dent claimed victory. See additional results at: [FLstate05]
Thanks to all who participated, see ya next time. ...Rodney

If you're reading this you'll probably agree that foosball is a very unique game. It can be very fun, and some people will say that it can be addictive. In most areas throughout the Southeastern USA it's not easy to find places where you can walk in and find a foosball table with experienced players available for games. It's been my suggestion that foosball players should try to establish a location where they can designate days and times for enthusiasts to show up and all can then satisfy their craving to play foosball. In fact, that's exactly the principle that lead to the creation of this Southern Foosball Program. It's a popular practice for these types of gatherings to eventually lead to some type of coordinated competition format.

It's my intention to include submitted information that will help any persons interested in finding foosball activity in areas scattered throughout the Southeastern USA. If you know of places where coordinated efforts have established an event, whether it's every-week, bi-weekly, or even monthly, if it's presented in sportsmanlike fashion and if it's open to anyone to participate, please submit this information to It's very likely we will add that information here so that possibly others will learn of it and open the door for the possibility of growth in the local player base.

Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins by email:

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