The 2003 Georgia State Champs of Rookie Doubles, Bill McBurnett(left) & Larry Tackett.



Foosball enthusiasts all over the country enjoy participating in weekly foosball tournaments and/or sometimes league competition. It's possible that there may be a group of foosball enthusiasts already coordinating events in your area. If so, you should take advantage of the opportunity and get out and participate. More of my thoughts are...continued here

The Southern Foosball Program presents occasional regional events in the great state of Georgia. Listed below is links to that information, as well as, submitted information about local foosball action throughout Georgia. Included is, at least, contact information for those coordinating, or those "in the know", about the mentioned foos-activity. Also to be included is any collected resulting information, all of which will create the Georgia Foosball Program. Information is usually updated during the first five days of each month-if not before; however, all is subject to change at any moment--you should check back often for possible updates. All information included, if any, will be dependent on submission by those "in the know" and it's actuality and accuracy will be dependent. While efforts will be made to confirm the accuracy of suspicious input, the Southern Foosball Program will make no guarantees of accuracy about what is posted herein, one should use their own judgement. Certainly, prior to making a long drive to participate, you should first contact someone in the know to get an idea of current activity status.

Pictured above is Georgia residents while competing for the 2003 Rookie Doubles state title. Bill McBurnett & Larry Tackett won the tight contest. They are pictured facing, while their opponents were Scott Carey & Paul Bernard. ...This page is being sponsored by the Southern Foosball Program and Tornado of Alabama, your source for foosball tables, parts, and service--homemodels and coin-operated. Those interested in becoming a sponsor, or simply pledging support for the goals of this page and Program, please go here.

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Saturdays in Marietta @

1355 Roswell Rd. Suite 210 - Marietta (770) 579-3388

8:00pm Open Doubles - (Bring Your Partner)

$10+ entry fee - 100% payback plus added money!

*NOTICE ...As of 8-9-06, participation is usually 10-15 teams.

NOTES: ... Open doubles tournament starts at 9pm.
*The location often supplements the tournament payback strategy with substantial cash added.
*There are six new tournament Tornado foosball tables on site.
*For tournament information contact Mickey Munger @678-933-5016, or Chris Folsom @404-819-7946. *The location is often used for special tournaments, you should check the schedule for what's up.


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Tuesdays in Atlanta @

3541 Chamblee/Tucker Road - Atlanta (770) 454-7665
9:00pm Draw Your Partner - (Don't be late!)
$5 entry fee per player - 100% payback!

*NOTICE ...As of 8-9-06, participation is usually 5-7 teams.

NOTES: ... The location often supplements the tournament payback strategy with bar tab discounts. (Mr. Cue's II is now adding $40.00 in Bar Tab Coupons to the pot.)
*Contact Ron Zeigler for information. cell# 770-843-0123
*All players who are in the building and have signed for the tournament by 8:30 PM will be entered into a drawing for that nights "scheduled tournament event" entry fee!!


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Local Special Events:

Dec. 10-12th 2004 ... Georgia State Championships ... Wingate Inn of Austell ... [NEWS] & [RESULTS]
1-15-05 $500.00 Open Doubles at "Fat Cat's" in Austell
3-4-06 $500 Georgia Open in Atlanta
3-18-06 $500 Georgia Open in Atlanta
6-24-06 $500 Atlanta Open @"The Pool Room" in Marietta
7-29-06 $500 Atlanta Open @"The Pool Room" in Marietta
9-9-06 $500 Atlanta Open @"The Pool Room" in Marietta
10-14-06 $500 Atlanta Open @"The Pool Room" in Marietta
11-11-06 $500 Atlanta Open @"The Pool Room" in Marietta
12-16-06 $500 Atlanta Open @"The Pool Room" in Marietta


2-18-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...granger and mike w./ 2nd forsyth and adam/ 3rd phil g and robbie c
2-25-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...granger and mike w./ 2nd forsyth and adam/ 3rd charles and mike w.(another mike w.)
2-28-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...forsyth and doy/ 2nd robbie c and trey/ 3rd lee and brian
3-4-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles
1st ...chris folsom and tony byrd
2nd ...Scott Cook and Frank Wilson
3rd ...chris forsyth ??
3-11-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...mickey and eric/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd phil and richard
3-18-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles
1st ...chris folsom and tony
2nd ...phil and rick
3rd ...mickey and tim
Open Singles
1st ...phil
2nd ...chris folsom
3rd ...mickey munger
1st ...chris folsom and tim
2nd ...phil and ??
3rd ...charles and granger
3-25-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...mickey and tim/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd phil and rick petro
3-28-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Scott C. & Doy H./ 2nd Brian H. & Lee K.
2-25-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...mike w and granger/ 2nd scoot and rick/ 3rd phil and ??
2-28-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...forsyth and doy/ 2nd robbie c and trey/ 3rd lee and brian
3-4-06 Saturday $500 Open Doubles
1st ...chris folsom and tony byrd/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd chris forsyth and ??
3-11-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...mickey and eric/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd phil and richard
3-18-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles
1st ...chris folsom and tony
2nd ...phil and rick
3rd ...mickey and tim
Open Singles
1st ...phil
2nd ...chris folsom
3rd ...mickey
4th ...Granger
1st ...chris folsom and tim
2nd ...phil and ??
3rd ...charles and granger
3-25-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Tim M. & Mickey M./ 2nd Chris Folsom & Tony B./ 3rd scott and frank
3-28-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Scott C. & Doy H./ 2nd Brian H. & Lee K./ 3rd ??
4-1-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Tim M. & Mickey M./ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd Rick P. & Bill V.
4-4-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Adam Foust & Scott Cook/ 2nd Frank Wilson & Richard Hall/ 3rd Rick Petro & Chris Folsom
4-8-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...mickey and tim merrit/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd chris and tony
4-11-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Brain H. & Lee K./ 2nd Rick P & Kitty W./ 3rd Scott C. & Trey E.
4-15-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...chris forsyth and richard/ 2nd mickey and tim/ 3rd scott and frank
4-18-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Phil G. + Robbie C./ 2nd Lee K. + Rick P./ 3rd Brian H. + Bob S.
4-25-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues ...$50 WTA R'Robin
1st ...Ron Z & Robbie C./ 2nd ??/ 3rd ??
4-22-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...richard and phil/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd chris forsyth and kitty
4-29-06 Saturday Open Doubles ...$50 WTA
1st ...scott and frank/ 2nd tim and granger
Open Singles ...Tim M.
5-2-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Robbie C./ 2nd Scott C. & Kat W./ 3rd Trey E. & Brian H.
5-6-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...scott and frank/ 2nd rick and ron h/ 3rd charles and granger
5-9-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...Ron Z. & Scott C./ 2nd Chris Forsyth & Doy H./ 3rd Tony G. & Ron H.
5-13-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...scott and frank/ 2nd rick and robbie/ 3rd tim and granger
5-16-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...mickey m.and kirk k./ 2nd chris forsyth and eric T./ 3rd phil G. and rick P.
5-20-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...mickey and forsyth/ 2nd chalres and doy/ 3rd tim and bill
Open Singles ...tim/ 2nd forsyth/ 3rd folsom
5-23-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...charles and phil/ 2nd scott and rick/ 3rd brian and lee
5-30-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...mickey and larry/ 2nd corey and brian/ 3rd rick and lee
6-3-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...mickey and frank/ 2nd rick and ron h/ 3rd bobo and robbie e
6-6-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...rick and kirk/ 2nd phil and park/ 3rd brian and trey
6-10-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...mickey and tim/ 2nd bill and robbie c/ 3rd forsyth and adam
Open Singles ...mickey/ 2nd forsyth/ 3rd tim
6-13-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...scott and steve w./ 2nd rick and duncan/ 3rd mickey and darin
6-17-06 Saturday BYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...chris forsyth and granger/ 2nd mickey and tim/ 3rd rick and tony g
Open Singles ...tim/ 2nd granger/ 3rd forsyth
6-20-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...mickey and tim/ 2nd phil and frank/ 3rd brain and mike w
6-24-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles ...$620 +$550 calcutta
1st ...tim and mickey
2nd ...dodgen and caylor
3rd ...forsyth and byrd
4th ...scott and frank
Open Singles ...$220
1st ...mickey
2nd ...folsom
3rd ...granger. winning the amituer side.
4th ...Steve Dodgen
6-27-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...trey and bill v/ 2nd mickey and brain/ 3rd rick and park
7-1-06 Saturday Round-Robin ...$150
1st ...rick and mickey/ 2nd tony b and chris folsom/ 3rd granger and tony g
7-8-06 Saturday Open Doubles ...$235
1st ...jim w and billy caylor/ 2nd mickey and rick winning the winners and getting double dipped./ 3rd tim and tony b
Open Singles ...mickey/ 2nd tim merritt/ 3rd chris forsyth
7-15-06 Saturday Open Doubles ...$510
1st ...mickey and tim/ 2nd scott and frank/ 3rd charles and granger
$60 Open Singles ...tim/ 2nd Forsyth/ 3rd mickey
7-18-06 Tuesday @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P & Robbie C./ 2nd Phil G. & Ron Z./ 3rd Robbert J. & Doy H.
7-22-06 Saturday Open Doubles ...$320
1st ...mickey and folsom/ 2nd rick and phil/ 3rd scott and frank/ 4th forsyth and robbie c.
7-26-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...Scott C. & Bob S./ 2nd Charles S. & Bill T./ 3rd Phil G. & Eric T.
7-29-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles ...$620 +$410 calcutta
1st ...mickey and folsom
2nd ...billy c and s dodgen
3rd ...forsyth and byrd
4th ...rick and phil
Open Singles ...$125
1st ...folsom
2nd ...dodgen
3rd ...ken W
4th ...Granger
DYP ...$75
1st ...kenny king and folsom
2nd ...mickey and ken williams
3rd ...randy parker and granger
4th ...dodgen and mark s
8-1-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Mike W./ 2nd Scott C. & Kyle S./ 3rd Robbie C. & Robert J.
8-8-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Scott C. & Lee K./ 2nd Phil G. & Brian H./ 3rd Trey E. & Mike B.
8-12-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...scott and rick/ 2nd mickey and folsom/ 3rd larry and ron z
8-15-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Robbie C./ 2nd Trey E. & Lee K./ 3rd Ron Z. & Duncan E.
8-19-06 Saturday BYP (R'Robin WTA)
1st ...mickey and tim/ 2nd scott and rick/ 3rd NA
8-22-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Doy H. & Scott C./ 2nd Robbie C. & Brian H./ 3rd Lee K. & Ron Z.
8-29-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Scott C. & Bob S./ 2nd Phil G. & Trey E./ 3rd Tony G. & Kristina K.
9-2-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...Chris Forsyth-Robbie Coleman/ 2nd Lee Kuether-Tina/ 3rd Robert Jenkins-Mike Welskop
9-9-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles ...$500 +$334 calcutta
1st ...rick p and tony b
2nd ...forsyth and adam f
3rd ...bruce s and hewy
4th ...scoot c and phil g
Open Draw ...$120
1st ...tim m and steve d
2nd ...mickey m and phil g
3rd ...lee k and granger b
Open Singles ...$100
1st ...mickey m
2nd ...steve dodgen
3rd ...tim m.
4th ...ken w
9-12-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Robbie M. Rick P./ 2nd Trey E. Robbie C./ 3rd Kyle S. Doy H.
9-19-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Phil G. & Robie C./ 2nd Lee K. & Ron Z./ 3rd Brian H. & Duncan
9-26-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Lee K. & Rick P./ 2nd Phil G. & Frank W./ 3rd Larry T. & Ron Z.
9-30-06 Saturday Open Singles
1st ...Granger/ 2nd Phil G/ 3rd Bill M
10-3-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Ron Z./ 2nd Chris Forsyth & Lee K./ 3rd Robbie C. & Trey E.
10-10-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Vasilios T. & Robbie C./ 2nd Larry T. & Rick P./ 3rd Phil G. & Bobby T.
10-14-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles
1st ...steve d and billy c
2nd ...tim m and lane brundel
3rd ...scott and rick
Open Singles
1st ...steve dodgen
2nd ...mickey munger
3rd ...Ken Williams
4th ...Granger
1st ...mickey and ken w
2nd ...steve d and lee k
3rd ...tony and tim
10-17-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Kris K/ 2nd Larry T. & Robbie C./ 3rd Ron Z. & Duncan E.
10-24-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Robbie C./ 2nd Lee K. & Ron Z./ 3rd Chris Forsyth & Dave J.
11-4-06 Saturday Open Draw
1st ...phil & mike welskop/ 2nd tony b & kirk/ 3rd doy & ?
11-7-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Phil. G. & Lee K./ 2nd Chris Forsyth & Joey H./ 3rd Larry T. & TJ Tooz
11-11-06 $500 Atlanta Open Open Doubles
1st ...steve d and billy c
2nd ...cook and petro
3rd ...mickey and granger
4th ...bruce and mark
Open Singles
1st ...steve dodgen
2nd ...mickey munger
3rd ...Tony Byrd
4th ...Ken Williams
1st ...steve and mark
2nd ...forsyth and adam
3rd ...bobo and dawn foust
11-14-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Scott C. & Bob S./ 2nd Larry T. & Chris Forsyth/ 3rd Frank W. & Lee K.
11-21-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Chris Forsyth & Scott C/ 2nd Eric T. & Lee K./ 3rd Larry T. & Kirk D.
11-28-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Chris Forsyth & Kirk D./ 2nd Joey H. & Robbie C./ 3rd Phil G. & Scott L.
12-5-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Chris Forsyth & Bruce F./ 2nd Scott S. & Larry T./ 3rd Scott C. & Robbie C.
12-9-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...scott and rick/ 2nd byrd and adam/ 3rd lee and eric
12-12-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Scott C. & Eric T./ 2nd Frank W. & Lee K./ 3rd Joey H. & Kirk D.
12-19-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Rick P. & Vasilios T./ 2nd Ron Z. & Scott C./ 3rd Mickey M. & Frank W.
12-23-06 Saturday Open Doubles
1st ...Scott C-Rick P/ 2nd Lee K-Frank W/ 3rd Chris F-Tony B
12-26-06 Tuesday DYP @Mr. Cues
1st ...Chris Forsyth & Kirk D./ 2nd Joey H. & Rick P./ 3rd Scott S. & Robbie C.

$730.......Mickey Munger
$395.......Chris Folsom
$300.......Tim Merrit
$250.......Billy Caylor
$245.......Steve Dodgen
$165.......Scott Cook
$160.......Frank Wilson
$150.......Rick Petro
$130.......Chris Forsyth
$130.......Tony Byrd
$105.......Granger Beam
$90........Jim Wiggs
$80.........Ken Williams
$50.........Brian J.
$30.........Eddie M.
$20.........Kenny King
$15.........Robbie Coleman

(For the period Beginning in February 2006 through present)


For results and information about 2007 action see:
3 PM - Open Singles, $10.00 entry fee - 100% payback!
5 PM - Draw Your Partner, $10.00 entry fee - 100% payback!
8 PM - Open Doubles, Entry fee: Am-$15 SP-$20 Pro-$25 PM-$30,
1st place - $300
2nd place - $150
3rd place - $50
The $500 Atlanta Open with a few changes effective November 2006:
*Tony Byrd will be running all Saturday night tournaments at the "Pool Room" from now on!
*Event starting times and forfiet procedures will be strictly enforced!
*Payouts are guaranteed! (but are subject to change with lack of participation)
*We will be using a local point system.
*All tables will be on "free-play with table-use fee implemented" beginning at 2pm on Saturday.($5 per event per player--or $10 for all events)
*Registration will close at scheduled event start time and tournament matches will begin approx. 15 minutes past.
*Highest placing amateur team in open doubles will receive a free entry to next "Atlanta 500" open doubles event.
See ya at The Pool Room!!!! ...Dawn
OCT. 14TH ATLANTA $500.00
yes it's another atlanta $500.00 this coming weekend. split bracket singles at 3. 10 dollar entree with 100% payback. open draw at 5. 10 dollar entree with 100% payback. players auction with open doubles to follow at 8. payout for players auction is 1st 50-%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%, 10% to the highest placing am team. all team have to buy them selves for 5 bucks. payout for open doubles is (note: 15 team minimum for payout.) 100% of the entree's collected will go back into the events including open doubles. amateurs and semi's 15, pro's 20 and pro masters 25. 1st 250, 2nd 150, 3rd 75, highest placing am team gets 25 bucks. we will be enforcing all start times. tournament will be ran on five tables. all tables are back on quarters per rick petro's and phil grables complaints. >> period.
thanks , for any questions please call me at 678-933-5016. ...Mickey Munger(ga's daddy)
yes!!!!! it a 500 dollar weekend.... back again for some serious foosball action. our first 500 had 23 teams and the total payout was almost $1,000.00. our second 500 was over $1,200.00 in payouts with 18 teams. this is our third 500 and with the responses we've gotten it sound be as good or even better than before. check it out!!!
split bracket singles.... starts at 3:00 p.m. 10 dollar entry fee. 100% payback with possible money added.
open draw...... starts at 5:00p.m. a point spot for any rookie team. floating point spot for a semi-pro / rookie team. 7 dollar entry fee. 100% payback.
open doubles....... starts at 8:30 p.m. SHARP!!! players auction starts at 8:00 p.m. payouts in open doubles
1st $250.00, 2nd $125.00, 3rd $75.00, 4th $50.00, entry fees are $15.00 for rookies, $20.00 for semi-pro's, $20.00 for pro's and $25.00 pro masters.
players auction payouts are 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%, 10% to highest placing rookie team with next weeks free entree into the regualar saturday night doubles. everyone has to buy themselves for $3.00 per player (if no one bids on you). table fee's are $3.00 for singles, $5.00 for the draw and $6.00 for open doubles. if you sign up to play in all three events then it will only cost 10 dollars for the table fees. all player rankings are ustsa.
spread the word. it's on.... sorry for the late notice but i had to make sure there was going to be interest first.
Any questions about the tournament call mickey munger at 678-933-5016 or chris folsom at 404-819-7946 or chris forsyth 404.483.0924 thanks, mickey ...Chris Forsyth
i'm gonna start off by saying thanks to everyone for their support. we had a singles with 13 players. an unscheduled draw that had 7 teams and an open doubles that had 17 teams. wow!!!! with alot of ga, alabama and tennessee teams. we had five tables and a players auction. total money payouts for singles, doubles, draw and auction was $1,225.00. yes, we added money like we said we would. i hope everyone is happy with what were doing. please give us feed back so we know how your feeling because again this is about all of us. now we need to improve on getting teams signed up and getting the auction moving faster. were just not used to the large turnouts so give us time and it will get better. i also know for a fact that everyone got plenty of table time with their being five tables on free play. i hope yuo guys will spread the word so maybe everyone will want to come out and play again and so all the towns will start having a stronger player base again. yes, folsom won in everything. he played very well. brian and doy was the highest placing am team winning 40 bucks plus free entree into next weeks tournament. good going guys.
...thanks mickey
NEW AREA!! Starting this Tuesday Night 7/25/06 @ Mr. Cues II, we will no longer be in the back corner of the business where we have been for the past year. We have moved three of the Foosball tables to the platform area across from the restroom area. - Where the "gambling machines" used to be. - You walk past the bar and towards the Restrooms, turn left and the platform area is on the Right hand side. Tonight we set up the Black Light Table in the "Old Area". For further information about any other changes that we might be making in the future. Please contact Ron Z. ...Thank-You!!
NOTICE TO ALL!!!!!!!! it's 2400 points. yes 2400 or less as a team gets a floating point spot. NOT 2500!!! so take what points you have and the points of your partner and if it's higher than 2400 points you will not get a spot. anyone playing with a 1200 pont or less girl player also gets a point spot. for any team with 2400 or less qualifies for highest placing am team or free entree in the bigger tournaments. now for the good news........ we are holding a 500 open doubles with a singles JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE. i will attach a copy of the flier. singles starts at 2 oclock and doubles at 7:30 with a players auction just like the last one. same entrees , same table fees, same deal. this time we will have 2 more new tables making it a total of 6 new tables with new lights and balls. the date is july 29th. remember the singles and how it was a spit bracket event with high semi's and pro's in one and low semi's and rooikes in the other, until you reach 4th or better and then the lower class bracket meets the higher and at that point the lower class players gets a floating point spot. in the winners the same thing will happen but they won't meet until the winners bracket finals. don't forget we had not only a good showing but we added money to singles and to doubles. thanks and for any questions call 404-819-7946 ask for folsom or call me at 678-933-5016 ... please get on the horn and get you a partner!!!!!!! i will be posting the teams i know or a.s.a.p. with a copy of the origional flier. p/s/ the reason were only doing a 500 is because we are now setting up to have a good size ga state coming some time shortly after the worlds and to have one bigger than 500 with kentucky and alabama coming up doesn't make sence. the last one was awesome so let's make this one me just as good.
At The Pool Room, 1355 Roswell Rd. Suite 210, Marietta, GA 30062...(770) 579-3388 ...Mickey
results for sat 6/24/ was a 500 dollar doubles add in the 180 we added. highest placing amiteur team got 55 bucks with with 20 for this weeks free entree. the 100% payback in singles which added up to 180 and the 40 we added to it making the night a whopping 995 bucks with a 550 players auction. we had 23 terams in doubles. highest placing amituer team in open doubles was eddie m and brain j. runner up was lee and brian. steve dodgen and billy caylor won the winners beating chris folsom and tony byrd. tim and i came back through lsoing our first game in the finals to come up winning the next six. how did we do that with the way stevevwas passing i'll never know. i did score better in the finals than i did in the winners against billy. he started off with the wall. in singles we had 18 teams. granger was the highest placing rook/am player with eddie m as runner up. it was great!!!!!! 67 people showed up. can't wait to do it again. this coming saturday. sign up's at 7:30 sharp. money will be added. there's a six dollar table fee. tables will be on free play from 6:30 to 30 minutes after the tournament. entree fees .... rookie and semi players pay 10 bucks and pro's and pro masters pay 15 bucks. highest placing low semi or rookie team will recieve free entree into the following regular saturday night tournament. i hope this sounds good to everyone. thanks for the support. thanks tony for being on staff as an official.
...mickey and chris
There's a new tournament effort in the works for the Atlanta weekly foos scene. Chris Folsom has announced plans to coordinate tournaments at The Pool Room in Marietta, Georgia located at 1355 Roswell Road/Suite 210. The location has 4 new Tornado tables and is ideally set up for the action. Chris plans on kicking it off with a special tournament scheduled for Saturday June 24th with open singles at 2pm and open doubles at 7:30pm. Contact Chris Folsom for the details 404-819-7946. The location phone number is: (770) 579-3388.
Mr. Cues II - 3541 Chamblee/Tucker Road - Atlanta - Call for directions: 770-454-7665 For more info. call: Ron Z. - Cell #: 770-843-0123 or email him at:
Draw Your Partner Tournament -- Entry Fee: $5.00 -- EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT!!
Sean Patrick's Bar & Grille -- 8610 Roswell Road -- Dunwoody, Ga. -- 770-650-5723
**Sean Patrick's adds $50 in 'Shamrock's' to the pot each week (if there are at least 6 teams) to show their appreciation for keeping the Tournament at their location!!
DIRECTIONS: 400 North - to Northridge Pky. - Exit #6 turn Right Go to Roswell Road, turn Right -- Follow approx. 2 miles to the old Loemann's Plaza on the Left. -- For More Info: Call: Ron Z. -- cell# 770-843-0123
Also: Every 2nd Saturday night ... (Once per month) ... There will be a - Bring your Partner Tournament -- $500.00 pot (If at least 7 teams show up) -- Sign up at 7:30 pm -- Tournament begins at 8:00 pm Sponsored by: -- Call: Steve & Brittnay for more info: 770-844-7789
$500.00 Open Doubles presented by Steve & Brittany Cersosimo's at "Fat Cats Bar & Grill" of Austell. Saturday January 15, 2005 @8:45pm. Don't be late!
1st = $300.00 2nd = $150.00 3rd = $50.00, while the Highest Placing Semi-Pro Team = $30.00 bar tab and the Highest Placing Rookie Team = $50.00 bar tab!
P a y o u t - i s - G u a r a n t e e d !
Entry Fees: PM =$25.00, P = $20.00, SP = $15.00, & R = $10.00.
Additional info: Non-Pro Lady Teams Receive 1 point per game. Non-Pro Mixed Teams Start match with 1 point. There after only get point if previous game was lost. 3/5 Winners, 2/3 Loosers. Sign up ends @ 8:45 P.M. Tournament Starts @ 9:00 P.M. Sharp! Show up late and we will buy you a beer. You can drink it while you watch the tournament.
PS ...Leagues are forming now - contact Ron to sign-up! ..... RH
Mickey Munger is outstanding at Georgia State 2004.Congratulations to those of thirty-two very skilled, mostly pro and semi pro, foosball players who were able to capture titles of the 2004 Georgia State Championships presented by the Southern Foosball Program and affiliates. It was an awesome weekend of foosball, December 10-12th, which eventually became a “Mighty Mic!” showcase performance and a, celebration-worthy, end to the M.O.T.S. owns Georgia! era which has blanketed the local foosball scene for the past couple years. Most importantly, local pro player and now hero, Mickey Munger, won the open singles title! Mickey had an outstanding weekend of performances leaving many of his opponents totally disgusted with themselves after their match, he won forward shootout, the open draw, and he and Granger Beem were un-challenged for the limited doubles event. Teamed with Richard Hall for open doubles, they finished 3rd place while Mickey wrapped up the weekend with 2nd place in goalie wars and the biggest portion of the near $4,000 tournament total value.
Rodney Jenkins and Billy Caylor claimed the open doubles title defeating local players Scott Cook and Frank Wilson in the final.
One-time Georgia resident, returning to his old stomping grounds and fresh off an outstanding performance a month earlier at Alabama State, Steve Perry claimed the Georgia State title for semi pro doubles. He now lives in Alabama and won the title while teamed with another Alabamian, Dale Oberhausen.
The complete list of the results is listed at: [GA.STATE04] / [PICTURE]
Thanks for participating in the tournament. ...Rodney
Eddy Gartman and Bill Bell while competing during the 2003 Georgia State Championships. World Champion foosball player, Eddy Gartman, built a wall in Georgia, and all the Kings’ men couldn’t tear it down! Traveling from Pasadena, Texas to Cartersville, Georgia, stopping on the route and picking up his familiar partner, Bill Bell of Jackson, Mississippi, together they claimed the 2003 Georgia State Championships main event title, Open Doubles. Eddy displayed his world class skills as a goalie with several outstanding performances during their matches. During the final, Eddy & Bill defeated North Carolina’s Rick Macias, and the defending Georgia State Champ, Mike Yore, in two tough fifth-game final matches.
During open singles competition, local player Mike Yore repeats his 2002 state title and remains the undefeated Georgia State Champion. Finishing runner up was Rick Macias.
Bruce Stancel is pictured, he captured both semi pro titles during Georgia State 2003. Other outstanding performances during the weekend were Bruce Stancel’s doubling during the Semi Pro events and Bill McBurnett's doubling during the Rookie events. The "outstanding" Bruce Stancel is pictured, he becomes the most decorated non-pro player in the Northwest Georgia & Chattanooga areas as he continues to rack-up titles at almost every tournament he attends.
The 2003 Georgia State was presented by the Southern Foosball Program using the ballroom at the "Holiday Inn of Cartersville" as its host. The facility turned out to be the ideal set up for the championship tournament; however, due to several circumstances the event was probably unfairly participated. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time as forty-five players including the areas top competitor’s were all on hand battling for their share of the just over $5,000 worth of cash and championship prizes eventually distributed to the top finishers of the weekend.
Congratulations to the 2003 Georgia State Champs and all others for their accomplishments during the tournament. The complete list of the results is listed at: [GAstate03].
Thanks again, .....Rodney Jenkins See [PICTURES] as well.
During the weekend of May 9-11th, the Southern Foosball Program, once again, visited Austell, Georgia and presented a special Regional Championship tournament for Rookie and Semi-Pro foosball players. Rookie/Semi-Pro Regionals main event champs! The competition was “fierce” to say the least, as twenty-five of the most talented and confident players from the Atlanta and surrounding areas converged to take advantage of the opportunity to compete for this most substantial cash prize ever presented by the Program, where eligibility was limited--semi-pro players were deemed to team with a rookie partner for the main event competition. Pictured are those players battling for the largest slice of the $1,200 that was up for grabs during the event. David Hobson & Scott Carey, shown on the right, eventually won the main event coming from the losers bracket. Their opponents, Steve Cersosimo & Mike Harrison, who finished second place are shown on the left.

Including the main event, this RK/SP Regional tournament featured eight different championship events designated for rookie and semi-pro players, along with a special singles competition open for all skill levels, “Georgia Domination”. All but one event was decided by a second set final while “Regional Domination” would have been a fitting title for the entire event as local rookie player, Mike Harrison, was involved in six of the eight event finals. He claimed first place victories in both rookie events and during the DYP while teamed with Birmingham, Alabama’s David Hobson, who also had an outstanding weekend, winning the DYP, forward shootout, and then the main event.

On Saturday night the “Georgia Domination” competition reserved one of the brand-new foosball tables and designated it for continuous “singles-play” allowing the winner of each game to remain at the table excepting challengers. Players earned $5 for each game won. Most everyone already knew prior to the event that local pro-master, Scott Cook, would most likely eventually earn the “Georgia Dominator” title, but many seemed determined to change fate. The event began at 9pm and continued with challengers throughout the night until last-match-called at 2am-- at which time, Scott was practically begging for mercy. After winning practically 4-to-1 more games than anyone else and earning a nice little wage for a long hard night of playing foosball, Scott Cook is the “Georgia Dominator” of singles play in 2003!—not to be confused with “Georgia Nominator” or “Georgia Denominator”.

Congratulations to the champs, the complete list of dominating results are viewable at: [RESULTS]

See you next time,
Rodney Jenkins

Congratulations to the Georgia State Champs! Mike Yore doubles winning open singles & open doubles while teamed with Chris Folsom. Rodney Jenkins and Jimmie Watkins won open mixed. Complete results are listed at: Georgia State 2002. The event was presented by Rick Petro and "Tornado of Atlanta" in Austell, Georgia during the very last weekend of the year.
There was an unexpected outstanding turn-out of foosball players in Austell, Georgia this past weekend for the Program's 12th annual Dixie "Bad Boy" Open. The 7-event tournament began early on Saturday March 9th and eventually consumed Sunday as well, as almost 50 players participated during the events. The tournament was listed as a $1,200 event, but prize money was increased and the tournaments actual total value became almost $2,500.
Efforts by many of the players were to earn the Dixie "Bad Boy" title for 2002 which is awarded to the most outstanding performing player competing during the events and determined by an accumuative points race calculated according to participation, matches won, and placing 4th or better in the events. Also to be recognized, the most outstanding semi pro player and the most outstanding rookie player.
This year's Dixie "Bad Boy" title goes to Georgia pro player Chris Folsom. Todd Brooks was the overall runner-up while he earned the "top performing semi pro title", and Armando Herrera finished 3rd overall and "top performing rookie player". Each of these players will be presented with a special championship jacket.
During the main event open doubles, the professional teams were seeded in the chart. During the first few rounds of competition the unusual situation unfolded. The #1, #4, and the #5 seeded teams were defeated by rookie teams. Armando Herrera & Mike Harrison took advantage of the situation and eventually advanced to play for the winners bracket against Todd Brooks & Billy Caylor. Todd and Billy advanced and awaited while Steve Dodgen & Tony Byrd battled their way through the losers chart and into the finals. Chattanooga area foosball players Todd Brooks and Billy Caylor would win the open doubles title in the final game of the 2nd set.
A divisional playoff format was used during the open singles event in an effort to allow players to earn race points competing and advancing through the chart against competitors of their own division prior to advancing to the final open singles playoff. The divisions were rookie, semi pro, female, & pro. The top three players of each division advanced to the over-all open singles play-off. These players are listed here in their divisional finishing order:
Rookie - James Porter,AL., Steve Wilcher,GA. & Robert Jenkins,GA.
Semi Pro - Phil Grable,GA., Kyle Stall,OH. & Joe Gabriel,GA.
Female - Cindy Head,AL., Brittany McDonald,GA. & Dawn Foust,GA.
Pro - Cris Folsom,GA., Chris Weaver,GA. & Steve Dodgen,AL.
The open singles over-all playoff resulted in Chris Folsom defeating Cindy Head for the winners bracket final, and then Chris Weaver defeating Cindy for the losers bracket. Chris Weaver then double-dip defeated Chris Folsom to win the event.
See the complete results at: DIXIEBB02. Congratulations to the winners, and hope to see you in Pensacola next month.
The 2001 Georgia State Championships of foosball was presented by the Southern Foosball Program and held during the very last weekend of 2001 (Dec. 28-30), while the event was held at "Fat Cat's" of Austell, GA. (a suburb of Atlanta). Cash & championship prizes awarded during the events became worth $3,300 while forty-eight players participated in nine of the eleven events offered during the weekend. Ten professional players, eighteen semi-pro players, and twenty rookie players made up the field of competition which included top players, and others, from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and, of course, Georgia.
Alabama's Steve Dodgen teamed with local long-time player, Tony Byrd, to claim the main event title, open doubles, holding off the efforts of the defending state champs and locals "Chris Weaver & Chris Folsom".
Chris Weaver earned the open singles title defeating, in the final, another long-time Georgia player considered one of the state's best, Rick Petro.
Armando Herrera, of Jacksonville, Florida, & Michael Harrison, of Georgia, teamed together for both the rookie doubles event and the semi pro doubles. Together they were able to claim both titles, stealing the semi pro title from the local team Kenny King and Tony Byrd. They defeated Bill McBurnett & Cheryl Post, both locals, in the finals rookie doubles.
Alabama's Jeremy Monroe won semi pro singles holding off the local hot! "push-kicker" Jimmy Loudermilk.
Local player Lee Kuether was confident & determined to win the rookie singles title. His attitude paid off, as he was able to defeat another outstanding local player, Bill McBurnett, to earn the title.
Local outstanding female player, Deanna Waller, was un-challenged during the open mixed doubles event, but was able to showcase her talent anyway by winning the open draw event teamed with Mike Weaver and also finishing fourth place in the main event open doubles while teamed with Tim Phelps. See the complete list of winners at: GA.state01 results.
Until next time, congratulations to your Georgia state champs. See ya!
Congratulations to the 2000 Georgia State Champs! As the year 2000 came to a close foosball players in the surrounding areas of Atlanta, got the opportunity to compete for championship titles. Almost 50 players showed up in Austell, Georgia to compete for the last-chance year 2000 bragging rights. The Southern Foosball Program presented the $3,000 Georgia State Championships during the weekend of December 29th - 31st.
During the main event open doubles, local pro players Chris Weaver & Chris Folsom lost their first match only to come back through the losers bracket to win the title defeating in the final Steve Dodgen & Rodney Jenkins. Third place went to an outstanding performing rookie team Joe "Jelly Roll" Gabriel & Steve Wilcher.
The open singles final was an exciting second-set fifth-game decision which saw a Texas "Bill Bell" eventually hold-off the losers bracket charging efforts of Alabama's Steve Dodgen. Third place was the local "Hot Shot" Kenny King.
Kenny King dominated the semi pro events winning singles and then doubles while teamed with Eric McCraw of North Carolina.
The rookie events turned into the classic battle of the under-rated against the over-rated. Local players Joe "Jelly Roll" Gabriel & Mike Grosskurth became the rookie doubles state champs defeating the "Alabama champs" Cliff Williams & Brittany McDonald. "Jelly Rookie" continued and defeated Cliff Williams to win the rookie singles title as well.
Local player Brittany McDonald has to be declared the honorary Georgia State Champion female player as she went un-challenged during the weekend of women's events which included singles, doubles and open mixed.
Events finished before 8pm on New Years Eve allowing all players to go about and celebrate the New Years holiday in their own way. For those that stuck around the host facility, "Fat Cat's Grill & Gameroom", passed out hats, horns and other party fun-things including free wine and champagne. The year 2000 ended while the year 2001 began.
A complete list of Georgia State results are listed at [2000 Georgia State Championships]. Who'll be the foosball champs in 2001? Until next time, foos you & the table you play on!
Rodney Jenkins

If you're reading this you'll probably agree that foosball is a very unique game. It can be very fun, and some people will say that it can be addictive. In most areas throughout the Southeastern USA it's not easy to find places where you can walk in and find a foosball table with experienced players available for games. It's been my suggestion that foosball players should try to establish a location where they can designate days and times for enthusiasts to show up and all can then satisfy their craving to play foosball. In fact, that's exactly the principle that lead to the creation of this Southern Foosball Program. It's a popular practice for these types of gatherings to eventually lead to some type of coordinated competition format.

It's my intention to include submitted information that will help any persons interested in finding foosball activity in areas scattered throughout the Southeastern USA. If you know of places where coordinated efforts have established an event, whether it's every-week, bi-weekly, or even monthly, if it's presented in sportsmanlike fashion and if it's open to anyone to participate, please submit this information to It's very likely we will add that information here so that possibly others will learn of it and open the door for the possibility of growth in the local player base.

Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins by email:

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