Mission Statement

A Southern Foosball Program

by Rodney Jenkins
(April 1999)

Once upon a time, I had a vision about foosball. At that time, I believed foosball to be the most unique game of its type, and I still do. I also came to believe, and was inspired by it, that if promoted as a sport, foosball could become a great deal more popular. With the popular "Tornado" foosball table during the past ten years, I have been promoting foosball, as a sport, here in Alabama. As a result, I have learned that it takes a special approach to become successful operating and promoting the sport of foosball. Most foosball players are unique individuals with a tremendous desire to play the game. My understanding of these and a number of other facts about foosball along with patients and my dedication has been a key factor in the success that I have experienced here in Alabama while operating and promoting foosball during these years.

Since promoting, operating, and selling foosball tables continues as my current occupation, I am announcing plans of broadening the area in which I promote & operate. Many times during the years of my promotional efforts here in Alabama, I have been asked to consider promoting foosball in areas outside Alabama.

I have finally decided that, if I have the help and support of local players, I will attempt to create a Southern Foosball Program with the goals of promoting foos-events in cities surrounding Alabama and possibly beyond. I have talked to players in many surrounding cities including Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Pensacola, and Atlanta, and have received enthusiastic replies from many of them. Therefore, I am now in the process of searching for suitable locations that might be interested in allowing me to operate foosball tables and possibly a tournament program.

Although it's not absolutely necessary for my business to own/operate the foos-equipment for these planned ventures, it is highly recommended, since it’s a way of financing the activities planned. The process of creating a regular foosball program in some areas can become costly and sometimes discouraging. My dedication to this sport is what fuels the patients that's sometimes needed during the efforts required while establishing and maintaining a credible program of foosball activity. The necessary promotional expenses are absorbed by my business when/if my business is allowed to operate the foos-equipment inside the establishments used; otherwise, the establishment is responsible for providing the funds needed.

If successful acquiring locations, I will attempt to create weekly league or tournament events, as well as, periodical specialty tournament competition for each location. As a promotional effort in each area, my goal is to be able to coordinate occasional weekend guaranteed money events—events that will be of special interest, and/or of substantial value, that will possibly draw players from other areas to participate. Exposing the local player base in each area to the expertly and professionally skilled players of the sport has been the tool that has allowed me to create and continue the foosball promotional success that I have had in many different areas of Alabama during the past ten years.
If you are willing to help or if you know of possible locations that might be interested in such a venture please put them in contact with me: jenkins@hiwaay.net or (256) 734-6349.

Thank you,
Rodney Jenkins


Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email: jenkins@hiwaay.net.