Angel .....Shortly after I started playing foosball back in the very late 1970's, I became interested in creating a competitive opportunity for my friends and I, and for all those in my area that enjoyed playing the game at that time. Eventually, I was encouraged to expand my tournament promotional efforts into other areas of Alabama and ultimately into the surrounding states which became an effort that I referred to as our Southern Foosball Program. Along with this project came an opportunity that I cherish, I had the privilege of meeting a lot of people of whom share the similar interest as I in this unique game/sport of foosball. Along the way, special friendships have developed and an expanded community of foosball enthusiasts exists as a result. Periodically, I receive the dreaded notifications about a fellow foosball player that has passed away. Regretfully, I usually want to share this information among the foosball community. With all due respect and condolences, I would like to keep the memory of these beloved individuals among us as we continue.
Thanks, Rodney Jenkins

Kenny Reeves - Decatur,AL (1954-2024) [PHOTO]
Tony Orr - Bryant,AL (1960-2023) [PHOTO] [2] [OBITUARY]
Kyle Stephens - Covington,LA (1976-2023) [PHOTO] [2] [3] [OBITUARY]
Steve Perry - Crossville,AL (-2022) [PHOTO]
Robert Lowe - Mobile,AL (1967-2021) [PHOTO] [2] [3] [OBITUARY]
Mark Millican - Hanceville,AL (1975-2021) [PHOTO] [2]
Ed McCloud - Greenwood,AK (1940-2020) [PHOTO] [2] [OBIT] ...founder of Tornado Table Soccer
Jeff Deskins - Jasper,AL (1963-2020) [PHOTO] [2] [3] [TEXT]
Ron Hardin,Sr. - Mobile,AL (1960-2019) [PHOTO] [2] [3] [4]
Jim Wildmon - Hanceville,AL (1968-2018) [PHOTO]
Rob Fowler - Hartselle,AL (1962-2018) [PHOTO] [2] [3]
Aaron Hartline - Chickamauga,GA (1964-2018) [PHOTO]
Randy Jett - Sumiton,AL (1961-2016) [PHOTO]
Tim Hutton - Chattanooga,TN (1963-2016) [PHOTO] [2]
Vernon Pearson - Cullman,AL (...2016) [PHOTO] [2]
Tom Farley - Huntsville,AL (...2016) [PHOTO]
Bruce Caldwell - Huntsville,AL (1957-2016) [PHOTO] [2]
Cliff Williams - Chattanooga,TN (...2016) [PHOTO]
Rob Moore - Mobile,AL (...2016) [PHOTO] [2] [3] [4]
David Chancey - Saraland,AL (1964-2013) [PHOTO] [2] [3] [4]
Tony Gamso - Gadsden,AL (1960-2006) [PHOTO] [2]
Chad Culver - Hanceville,AL (1981-2000) [PHOTO] [2]
Keith Beal - Huntsville,AL

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